Match Details

0 - 6
17 Apr 14:45 CET


'13 Gonzalo Peillat (2) - PC
'17 Lucas Vila (12) - PC
'19 Gonzalo Peillat (2) - PC
'41 Felix Schües (19) - FG
'45 Luis Holste (9) - FG
'55 Gonzalo Peillat (2) - PC


'12 Semen Matkovskiy
'13 Nikolai Iankun

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Match report

Mannheimer HC got the EHL KO16 weekend off to a flying start as they swept to a 6-0 win over Russian side Dinamo Kazan with Gonzalo Peillat firing the corner rockets.

After a few missed chances in the first 13 minutes, the Argentina star whipped home a powerful shot down the leg side of the Kazan defence.

Lucas Vila scored a scorching reverse-stick shot drifting away to the left of goal for 2-0 just after the start of the second quarter. And their third goal in six minutes saw Mannheim in complete control when Peillat scored another corner.

And they pulled further clear in the second half when Felix Schues struck in the 41st minute, quickly followed by Luis Holste’s tip in from Danny Nguyen’s shot. Peillat completed his hat trick with five minutes to go from another corner, closing out an impressive win and sealing their place in the KO8.

“It was exactly what we wanted to start the tournament and we want to keep playing on that basis for the next game,” Teo Hinrichs said afterwards.

“The key was we never stopped playing after 2-0 and 3-0. There’s a lot of talents in the forward line but it is also great to have someone like Gonzalo in the backline. He seems to always keep scoring.”

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Dinamo Kazan

1 Andrei Serebriakov
2 Andrei Isaev
3 Airat Mukhametov
4 Dmitrii Salov
5 Denis Shchipachev
6 Ali Shan
7 Andrei Semenov
8 Vladislav Lebed
9 Aleksei Kuzmin
10 Hassan Anwar
11 Linar Fattakhov
14 Timur Nikolaev
15 Pavel Golubev
16 Adel Nizamutdinov
17 Almaz Kurbanov
19 Aleksei Maiorov
20 Abu Mahmood
22 Marat Gafarov
23 Emil Akuneev
24 Semen Matkovskiy
26 Ruslan Khamidullin
27 Nikolai Iankun
28 Artur Ataev
29 Nikolai Komarov

Mannheimer HC

Jaques Danneberg 1
Gonzalo Peillat 2
Christopher Held 3
Lukas Stumpf 4
Rob Farrington 5
Teo Hinrichs 6
Tino Nguyen 7
Philipp Huber 8
Luis Holste 9
Linus Müller 10
Jossip Anzeneder 11
Lucas Vila 12
Paul Zmyslony 13
Frederik Hillmann 14
Moritz Frey 15
Patrick Harris 17
Mario Schachner 18
Felix Schües 19
Thimo Bernet 20
Jon Mechtold 21
Danny Nguyen 22
Jan-Philipp Fischer 23
Maximilian Neumann 24
Gabriel Ho-Garcia 25
Guido Barreiros 26
Timm Haase 27
Jean Danneberg 30
Marcel Goebel 31
Julius Döbele 32