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'59 William Ghislain (19) - FG
'60 Gonzalo Peillat (2) - PC


'29 Teo Hinrichs
'35 William Ghislain
'49 Linus Müller

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Match report

FINAL4: Waterloo Ducks 1 Mannheimer HC 1, Waterloo win shoot-out 3-1
Waterloo Ducks and Vincent Vanasch added yet another shoot-out scalp to his list of successes as they beat Mannheimer HC 3-1 after the Ducks’ third successive draw.

It puts them through to their first ever EHL GRAND FINAL at the expense of the German side who remain unbeaten in normal time of the EHL, only being knocked out in each of their four campaigns by a shoot-out.

Most of the big action came in the very last minutes of normal time with William Ghislain finishing off a great counter-attack to give WatDucks the lead with just 86 seconds to go.

Gonzalo Peillat equalised, however, with only 35 seconds left on the clock in a remarkable finish to the tie, earning the German side a second chance.

But they found Vanasch almost impenetrable in the shoot-out, blocking out two while Teo Hinrichs flashed his chance wide. Waterloo were also struggling to score but went 1-0 up in the third round via Pieter van Straaten.

John-John Dohmen coolly clipped home the second for them before Guido Barreiros finally found a route by the Waterloo goalkeeper.

Romain Pennelle, though, kept his nerve to win the game for the Ducks and put them through to the GRAND FINAL.

Player of the match Dohmen hailed his side’s defensive rigidity: “From the beginning, we defended really well, especially in the first two games. We did exactly the same today; we conceded only three goals in three games which is excellent and we are so confident in the shoot-outs.

He added that it was tough not to see out the victory in normal time but his side kept their nerve well: “It’s not easy! It was the same against Dragons yesterday, conceding a goal at the end, but mentally we knew we could win in the shoot-out so it was ok.

“We have a great team and have been unlucky in the last EHL campaigns. We really wanted to do something special for the first time. We have to enjoy it now!”

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Waterloo Ducks HC

2 Floris Hoffmann
3 Maxime Bertrand
4 Pieter van Straaten
5 Guillaume van Marcke
6 Romain Penelle
7 John-John Dohmen
8 Arnaud Massaert
9 Maxime van Oost
10 Gauthier Boccard
11 Louis Capelle
12 Benjamin Guisset
13 Nicolas Dumont
14 Jeremy Wilbers
16 Julien Lemaire
17 Jeremy Caenen
18 Matheo Courouble
19 William Ghislain
20 Quentin Van Lierde
21 Vincent Vanasch
22 Victor Charlet
23 Renaud Pangrazio
25 Simon Gougnard
26 Louis Depelsenaire
27 Louis De Backer
28 Manu Cockelaere
29 Thomas Debizet
30 Pierre De Gratie
31 Maxime Capelle
32 Elliot Van Strydonck

Mannheimer HC

Jaques Danneberg 1
Gonzalo Peillat 2
Christopher Held 3
Lukas Stumpf 4
Rob Farrington 5
Teo Hinrichs 6
Tino Nguyen 7
Philipp Huber 8
Luis Holste 9
Linus Müller 10
Jossip Anzeneder 11
Lucas Vila 12
Paul Zmyslony 13
Frederik Hillmann 14
Moritz Frey 15
Patrick Harris 17
Mario Schachner 18
Felix Schües 19
Thimo Bernet 20
Jon Mechtold 21
Danny Nguyen 22
Jan-Philipp Fischer 23
Maximilian Neumann 24
Gabriel Ho-Garcia 25
Guido Barreiros 26
Timm Haase 27
Jean Danneberg 30
Marcel Goebel 31
Julius Döbele 32