Match Details

1 - 0
07 Oct 19:00 CET
Pau Negre Stadium, Barcelona


'2 Hugo Genestet (7) - PC


'10 Tom Genestet
'47 Martin Genestet
'47 Gary Maitles
'45 Guillaume Samson

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Match report

Hugo Genestet’s second minute corner goal saw Saint Germain take the points with a narrow and dramatic 1-0 win over Bromac Kelburne, setting up an exciting Sunday evening date with Club Egara for a KO16 ticket.

Genestet’s corner goal gave the French club the lead, giving them the perfect start to the tie. For the remainder of the first half, they looked the more likely to add to their total but brace defending from Josh Cairns and a double save from Michael Kerr ensured that the minimum remained between the clubs at the big break.

Kerr was lucky to stop the ball under his feet from Joris Harou’s backhand shot soon after the break, getting on the end of Francois Goyet’s ball in while another corner slipped just by the post. William-Ike Jeammot clattered the post from a set-piece as Saint Germain did everything but score.

It left the game in the balance into the closing stages when Kelburne swapped out their goalkeeper for an extra player, winning a corner. The Saint Ger defence blocked it however and almost had a counter-chance to move further clear but the pass was too heavy.

Stijn Gabriel then did everything but score, allowing Iain Scholefield the chance to make an awesome goal line save but the single goal was enough for the win.

It means that the French side must beat Club Egara when they meet on Sunday evening in the last game of EHL ROUND1 in Barcelona.

Goalscorer Hugo Genestet hoped his side could have made things easier on themselves but was content with the win.

“We had to score more goals but we were not good enough in the D and their goalkeeper had a great game. We now have to win tomorrow,” he said.

“Against Egara, it’s always close and we hope we can do it to get to that KO16!”

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Saint Germain HC

1 Arthur Thieffry
2 Grégoire Samson
3 Joris Harou
4 Guillaume Samson
5 Guillaume Deront
6 Lucas Bazille
7 Hugo Genestet
9 Pierre-Louis Verrier
10 Stijn Gabriel
14 Fréderic Gohlke
15 Fabien Pourcelet
16 William-Ike Jeammot
22 Martin Genestet
24 Tom Genestet
26 Blaise Rogeau
27 Kevin Mercurio
28 François Goyet
32 Guillaume De Vaucelles

Bromac Kelburne

Gary Maitles 2
Michael Nicol 3
Adam Bain 5
Craig Morton 6
Michael Christie 7
Jonathan Christie 10
Joshua Cairns 11
Christopher Nelson 12
Neil McIntyre 14
Iain Scholefield 15
Miles Goldie 16
William McKenzie 17
Findlay Halliday 18
Logan McClure 19
Rory Kerr 22
Ben Peterson 24
Christopher Caldwell 29
Alan Walker 31