Match Details

6 - 2
06 Oct 16:00 CET
Pau Negre Stadium, Barcelona


'16 Cédric Charlier (10) - FG
'21 Achille De Chaffoy (16) - FG
'26 Jérôme Truyens (11) - FG
'28 Mikolaj Gumny (8) - FG


'17 Michał Kasprzyk
'29 Mathieu Weyers
'60 Artur Mikula

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Match report

Three second quarter field goals propelled Royal Racing Club de Bruxelles to a 6-2 win over WKS Grunwald Poznan – playing in their 11th season in the EHL – to start off Pool C on the front foot.

The Polish champions did win the first corner of the tie and chose to innovate, leaving Tomasz Dutkiewicz five metres outside the circle, going for the double bonus field goal but the plan did not come off.

Racing, meanwhile, were patient and struck in the second quarter via a superb move, intercepting in midfield, working the ball to Tom Boon on the left who slung a great pass to Cedric Charlier who swept home.

Achille de Chaffoy made it 4-0 with their second field goal, capturing the ball high over his shoulder after another fast attack. And the third goal came when Jerome Truyens tipped in from close range as Racing cut through at regular intervals.

But Grunwald are famous for their battling spirit and they got back into the game via a brilliant Mikolaj Gumny goal. It took two quick overheads, one into midfield and then another all the way over the top which Gumny raced onto and shot home on his reverse, bouncing his shot in.

That made it 6-2 at half-time and that is the way it stayed despite plenty of Racing pressure on the Polish goal with a number of chances slipping just wide and over the goal. Nonetheless, they did not require the extra strikes as they landed the victory.

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Racing Club de Bruxelles

1 Jérémy Gucassoff
2 Loick Vanwetter
5 Max Lootens
6 Martin Lambeau
7 Guillermo Garcia
8 Alexandre Meurmans
9 Conor Harte
10 Cédric Charlier
11 Jérôme Truyens
13 Alexis Cayphas
14 Augustin Meurmans
15 Mathieu Weyers
16 Achille De Chaffoy
21 Anthony Versluys
22 Tommy Willems
23 Basile Vermylen
24 Benjamin Pierre
27 Tom Boon
29 Michel Van Rysselberg

WKS Grunwald Poznan

Mateusz Popiołkowski 1
Paweł Bratkowski 2
Szymon Hutek 5
Dominik Kotulski 6
Robert Grzeszczak 7
Mikolaj Gumny 8
Mateusz Poltaszewski 9
Tomasz Dutkiewicz 10
Mirosław Kluczynski 12
Mateusz Hulboj 15
Artur Mikula 18
Tomasz Marcinkowski 19
Karol Majchrzak 22
Piotr Kozlowski 23
Adrian Krokosz 25
Michał Kasprzyk 26
Michal Poltaszewski 29
Mariusz Chyla 30