Match Details

3 - 3
08 Oct 11:30 CET
Pau Negre Stadium, Barcelona


'30 Mikhail Proskuriakov (5) - PS
'33 Mikhail Proskuriakov (5) - PC
'37 Keegan Pereira (21) - FG
'56 Thilo Stralkowski (11) - PC


'50 Sergey Lepeshkin
'59 Marat Khairullin
'44 Thilo Stralkowski
'57 Jan Schiffer

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Match report

Thilo Stralkowski’s late goal broke Dinamo Elektrostal hearts as Uhlenhorst Mulheim salvaged the result they needed to advance to the KO16 with a 3-3 draw in Barcelona.

It was the Germans’ minimum requirement going into the tie but they looked in major danger when they trailed 3-0 early in the second half.

And the Russians will be left to rue a number of excellent chances to have been further clear, though, as they spurned numerous one-on-one chances.

Niklas Bosserhoff had saved one off the line before the Russian side rode their luck, goalkeeper Ivan Zuikov doing well to deny Malte Hellwig twice. When Hellwig did beat the goalkeeper, Aleksandr Cherenkov produced an amazing block at point-blank range in mid-air.

For Elektrostal, Evgeny Artemov and Sergey Lepeshkin were bot set clear on goal but could not convert. From their third major chance, they did win a stroke which Mikhail Proskuriakov converted for a 2-0 half-time lead.

The same man then extended the advantage three minutes after half-time for 3-0 from a corner switch.

It left Uhlenhorst needing a huge comeback and they got their chance when Stralkowski robbed the ball on the edge of the circle. His initial shot was blocked but Keegan Pereira picked up the pieces to tap in.

From there, Dinamo were existing on the counter while Uhlenhorst pressed but were making little headway until the closing minutes when Stralkowski was set free on the left and drew a foul, leading to a corner. The captain stepped up to fire home and the German club had the draw they needed.

Reacting to the tie, Uhlenhorst coach Omar Schlingemann said: “With a team from Germany and one from Russia, normally everyone would know what to expect. But they are a very good team, good tactics, very fit and well coached so we knew it would be very tough for us, especially with some vital injuries.

“Today, we had a lot of difficulties on the overlap where we are missing players. In the end, we knew we would be ok. We played a bit naïve in the counter-control but we also should have scored four or five goals. The goalie of Elektrostal was fantastic today; if we took our two or three chances in the first quarter, then it would have been a much easier game.

“We didn’t pull the goalie because German teams are indoor players. In indoor, games are decided in the last five or six seconds so they have a lot of experience in this kind of situation. But this was not our day; their goalie was fantastic so there was worry. The target is achieved and we got what we wanted.”

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THC Uhlenhorst Mülheim

2 Henry Nonn
4 Ferdinand Weinke
5 Arnoud Weehuizen
6 Lukas Windfeder
7 Tom Brinkmann
8 Roderick Musters
9 Johannes Gans
10 Tobias Matania
11 Thilo Stralkowski
13 Jonas Weißner
17 Laurens Halfmann
18 Benjamin Becker
20 Niklas Bosserhoff
21 Keegan Pereira
22 Gabriel Ho-Garcia
27 Jan Schiffer
29 Malte Hellwig
32 Felix Damberger

Dinamo Elektrostal

Evgenii Mokrousov 2
Evgeny Artemov 3
Dmitrii Kuraev 4
Mikhail Proskuriakov 5
Aleksandr Cherenkov 6
Alexander Zhirkov 7
Georgii Arusiia 8
Ilya Larikov 9
Alexei Godenkov 10
Daniil Karagodin 11
Nikita Dvoretskii 12
Marat Khairullin 14
Andrey Kuraev 17
Roman Rogov 18
Iaroslav Loginov 19
Ivan Zuikov 22
Dmitry Laptev 23
Sergey Lepeshkin 27