Match Details

15 - 2
08 Oct 16:00 CET
Pau Negre Stadium, Barcelona


'5 Yannik van der Drift (18) - FG
'8 Florian Fuchs (23) - FG
'9 Florian Fuchs (23) - PS
'10 Jamie Dwyer (1) - PS
'18 Emmanuel Stockbroekx (15) - PC
'36 Thierry Brinkman (8) - FG
'41 Thierry Brinkman (8) - FG
'45 Maximilian Hahnenkamp (22) - FG
'56 Yannik van der Drift (18) - FG


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Match report

Four strikes in the first ten minutes saw HC Bloemendaal cruise into the KO16 of the EHL, beating Austrian champions SV Arminen with plenty to spare.

Yannik van der Drift got them up and running in the fifth minute when an Arminen mis-trap bounced to him and while his first effort did not connect, he slipped in at the second attempt.

Florian Fuchs finished off a brilliant team goal a few minutes later to build a 4-0 advantage. Fuchs and Jamie Dwyer both added strokes after fouls during the play for an 8-0 lead inside the first ten minutes.

Manu Stockbroekx volleyed home a corner rebound to add another to the total. Thierry Brinkman tipped in Xavi Lleonart’s shot to move the tally into double figures and he got another field goal in the third quarter to extend the margin to 13-0.

There was some respite for the Austrian side when Maximilian Hahnenkamp got two back from play just before the end of the third quarter with a diving reverse. Van der Drift, however, added another field goal in the closing minutes.

Thierry Brinkman said aftewards: “Today, with full respect to Arminen, I think we were going to win. Friday was the most important game. We did a good job this weekend, coming over on Tuesday, getting some really good time together as a team.

“The KO16 is something we missed in the last two years so we are really happy to be there and are looking forward to it!”

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HC Bloemendaal

1 Jamie Dwyer
2 Jaap Stockmann
3 Sam Martens
4 Mats de Groot
5 Tim Swaen
6 Sander 't Hart
7 Roel Bovendeert
8 Thierry Brinkman
10 Jord Beekmans
11 Glenn Schuurman
13 Jasper Brinkman
15 Emmanuel Stockbroekx
16 Tim Jenniskens
17 Xavier Lleonart
18 Yannik van der Drift
22 Feiko Keilholz
23 Florian Fuchs
28 Floris Wortelboer

SV Arminen

Michael Mäntler 1
Lorenz Klimon 2
Andreas Kapounek 4
Sebastian Eitenberger 5
Dariusz Rachwalski 7
Alexander Bele 8
Maximilian Trnka 9
Daniel Fröhlich 10
Patrick Schmidt 11
Pit Rudofsky 13
Manuel Grandits 14
Michael Minar 16
Adrian Breuss 17
Alistair Stenfert 20
Robert Bele 21
Maximilian Hahnenkamp 22
Lucas Loser 23
Gregor Braunegg 24
Mateusz Szymczyk 32