Match Details

11 - 2
07 Oct 12:15 CET
Pau Negre Stadium, Barcelona


'8 Georgii Arusiia (8) - PC
'12 Nikita Dvoretskii (12) - FG
'25 Daniil Karagodin (11) - FG
'34 Marat Khairullin (14) - FG
'53 Andrey Kuraev (17) - FG
'53 Andrey Kuraev (17) - FG
'60 Jack Pritchard (21) - FG


'42 William Raymond
'57 Andrey Kuraev

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Match report

Dinamo Elektrostal set up a Pool B showdown with Uhlenhorst Mulheim as they proved too lively for Cardiff & Met, winning out 11-2.

The Russian runners-up got off to a flying start with three good chances before Georgii Arusiia dragged into the top corner for 1-0 in the eighth minute.

Nikita Dvoretskii smashed in a rebound four minutes later after Andrey Kuraev has hit the post. An excellent counter-attack made it 5-0 when Daniil Karagodiin finished off from Dmitry Kuraev’s final pass.

Marat Khairullin snatched a third field goal in the 34th minute and two field goals in a minute late in the game from Andrey Kuraev put the total into double-figures, making it 11-0.

Cardiff got their first goal of the weekend with moments to go from Jack Pritchard, a potentially important for Elektrostal. It means they must win rather than draw against Mulheim on Sunday if they are to advance.

Elektrostal coach Igor Shishkov was delighted with his side's performance: “I am happy with the play, the result and a couple of excellent goals with some very quick combinations. The team did the basic tactics well because we knew the Welsh would be a little bit tired after their first game against Uhlenhorst. We wanted to play long passes for fast moments of counter-attack and we scored a few of them!”

As for getting a result against Uhlenhorst? “Why not? It will depend a lot on the first quarter and it will provide the motivation for the next three quarters.”

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Dinamo Elektrostal

2 Evgenii Mokrousov
3 Evgeny Artemov
4 Dmitrii Kuraev
5 Mikhail Proskuriakov
6 Aleksandr Cherenkov
7 Alexander Zhirkov
8 Georgii Arusiia
9 Ilya Larikov
10 Alexei Godenkov
11 Daniil Karagodin
12 Nikita Dvoretskii
14 Marat Khairullin
17 Andrey Kuraev
18 Roman Rogov
19 Iaroslav Loginov
22 Ivan Zuikov
23 Dmitry Laptev
27 Sergey Lepeshkin

Cardiff & Met

James Fortnam 1
Eddie Evans 2
Ioan Wall 3
Alf Dinnie 5
William Raymond 6
Jacob Draper 7
Ieuan Davies 8
Jacob Connock 9
Jimmy Devney 10
Luke Hawker 11
Rhys Bradshaw 14
Ronan Taggart 15
Samuel Daymond 17
Jack Pritchard 21
Jack Maclean 22
Jack Valentine 24
Charles Hunte 29
Mark Philpot 30