Match Details

0 - 6
07 Oct 12:30 CET
Pau Negre Stadium, Barcelona


'23 Paweł Bratkowski (2) - PC
'33 Michal Poltaszewski (29) - FG
'56 Dominik Kotulski (6) - FG
'58 Paweł Bratkowski (2) - PC


'22 Piotr Kozlowski
'24 Bruce McCandless
'40 Piotr Kozlowski
'45 Mikolaj Gumny

Match videos

  • Banbridge HC v WKS Grunwald Poznan – Match Highlights – RD 1

  • BAN 0-6 POZ Bratkowski claims his second PC goal of the match

  • BAN 0-5 POZ Dominik Kotulski puts away a counter attacking move for 0-5

  • BAN 0-3 POZ Neil misses one on one with Popiolkowski

  • BAN 0-3 POZ McCandless starts and very nearly finishes a swift move

  • BAN 0-3 POZ Poltaszewski hammers home a field goal for Poznan

  • BAN 0-1 POZ Bratkowski opens the scoring with a drag flick from PC

  • BAN 0-0 POZ Banbridge inches away from breaking the deadlock here

  • BAN 0-0 POZ Poznan going for a FG from a PC miss out on both

  • BAN 0-0 POZ Brown misses to the left with a drag flick from PC

  • BAN 0-0 POZ Lennox parries a PC in the early stages

Match report

WKS Grunwald Poznan put the pressure on Royal Racing Club de Bruxelles to go out on Sunday to get a result as the Polish champions ran up a 6-0 win over Irish side Banbridge.

Bann were the stars of a year ago but, with four top players from last season no longer around, they were undone by a Grunwald side who showed much greater know-how.

In the early stages, the two sides had corner chances but neither converted in a tight, physical battle. Bann went the closest to scoring 22 minutes in when Matthew Allister had a chance but a light flick of a foot bounced the ball just out of his reach.

Within a minute, Grunwald had the lead as they won another corner which Pawel Bratkowski dragged in to the right corner for the only score of the first half, 1-0.

But they cut loose in the seond half when Dominik Kotulski controlled a long overhead pass and dropped the ball back for Michal Poltaszewski, arriving late, and he cracked home a rising shot for 3-0.

Banbridge had plenty of chances to get themselves back into the game but Mateusz Popiolowski made some great saves from Fraser Mills, Neil Gilmore and Owen Magee to keep the gap in place.

And they grasped the killer goal with four minutes left via Kotulski, finishing off another excellent counter-attack move. Bratkowski closed out the success with a second penalty corner, moving them ahead of Racing Club de Bruxelles on goal difference. It means the Belgians must get a draw at least to advance to the KO16.

For Kotulski, it was his first time playing in a winning EHL side having moved from Royal Wellington to Grunwald this season.

“It’s a pretty good feeling; I think we played a really good game. Until the last moments of the game, we did have big problems but we counter-attacked well and won which is the most important thing.

“I returned to Poland to study and to play hockey and I choose, obviously, the best team so I am really enjoying it. A few of these guys were at the Olympic Games so they are passing that experience on to me and I am learning a lot.”


Banbridge HC

1 Gareth Lennox
2 Luke Roleston
4 Luke Witherow
5 Alexander Tinney
7 Peter Brown
8 Zach McClelland
9 Bruce McCandless
11 Jamie Wright
13 Timothy Watt
14 Philip Brown
15 Sam Farson
16 Fraser Mills
17 Ross Beattie
19 Drew Carlisle
20 Hugh McShane
22 Neil Gilmore
23 Mathew Allister
24 Owen Magee

WKS Grunwald Poznan

Mateusz Popiołkowski 1
Paweł Bratkowski 2
Szymon Hutek 5
Dominik Kotulski 6
Robert Grzeszczak 7
Mikolaj Gumny 8
Mateusz Poltaszewski 9
Tomasz Dutkiewicz 10
Mirosław Kluczynski 12
Mateusz Hulboj 15
Artur Mikula 18
Tomasz Marcinkowski 19
Karol Majchrzak 22
Piotr Kozlowski 23
Adrian Krokosz 25
Michał Kasprzyk 26
Michal Poltaszewski 29
Mariusz Chyla 30