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1 - 13
02 Apr 18:00 CET
HC Rotterdam


'5 Lukas Windfeder (6) - PC
'6 Jeroen Hertzberger (11) - PC
'10 Tjep Hoedemakers (17) - PC
'21 Seve van Ass (10) - FG
'24 Tjep Hoedemakers (17) - FG
'29 Seve van Ass (10) - FG
'48 Seve van Ass (10) - PC
'54 Nick Catlin (23) - FG
'57 Thijs van Dam (14) - FG


'22 Tobias Matania
'41 Roderick Musters
'44 Oliver Polkamp
'45 Thilo Stralkowski
'45 Jan Schiffer
'54 Sjoerd Gerretsen

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Match report

HC Rotterdam stormed through to the FINAL4 of the EHL with a dominant first half performance to see off Uhlenhorst Mulheim, setting up a date with HC Bloemendaal.

They did fall behind five minutes into the game when Lukas Windfeder whipped in a penalty corner drag-flick. Rotterdam replied quickly with two set piece goals of their own with Jeroen Hertzberger scoring the equaliser.

It was his 36th goal of the EHL, pushing him back to the top of the goalscoring list, one ahead of Marco Miltkau who had moved level with him on Sunday with a strike against Dinamo Kazan.

Tjep Hoedemakers put Rotterdam in front with an equally powerful drag or 2-1 in the 10th minute before the game was well and truly won in the second quarter.

Seve van Ass was the inspiration in making it 4-1 with a surging run that ended with a goalkeeping block but Hoedemakers returned the ball back across where van Ass was waiting to tip in.

Albert Beltran and Diede van Puffelen created the next with another series of fast runs out of defence. Again, the first wave was repelled but the next one fell to Beltran who crossed to Hoedemakers who applied a brilliant one-time finish.

Van Ass got another to make it 8-1 at half-time when he exchanged passes with Thijs van Dam. Van Ass then further augmented the score with a 48th minute corner and Nick Catlin slammed in a field goal with six minutes to go to put the score into double figures and Thijs van Dam chipped in another to complete the rout.

Speaking afterwards, Rotterdam’s Seve van Ass felt the tactical setups from each side played into his side’s hands.

“A lot of energy on our side,” he said. “They tried to mix it up between zonal and man-on-man defence. For us, that was perfect because we have a lot of pace and when we have a lot of space, we are a really good team.”

As for what changed from the close-run win on Saturday against Mannheim, he added: “Our dynamics. Our leads gave us better possession.

“Against Mannheim, we didn’t play our game through the midfield and didn’t get those connections with the strikers. We tried to improve that and it worked like we wanted it to.”

For Jeroen Hertzberger, he said it was the perfect end to the perfect weekend for his club.

“This was four days of an amazing atmosphere. It was such a pleasure to play; we don’t get this in league games. It was an amazing experience and I really want to thank the club for organising. The volunteers, it is unreal what they have done. This is one of the best club experiences I have had in my career so far and I think it’s the same for everyone in the team.”

“Wherever you do it in Holland, it will be good. People just love their hockey here. The way it was here in Rotterdam, I have never seen it before and its really something special.”

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THC Uhlenhorst Mülheim

1 Lennart Küppers
2 Henry Nonn
4 Ferdinand Weinke
5 Arnoud Weehuizen
6 Lukas Windfeder
7 Tom Brinkmann
8 Roderick Musters
9 Johannes Gans
10 Tobias Matania
11 Thilo Stralkowski
12 Benedikt Fürk
13 Jonas Weißner
14 Timm Herzbruch
16 Robert Duckscheer
17 Laurens Halfmann
18 Benjamin Becker
19 Jan Nitschke
20 Niklas Bosserhoff
21 Keegan Pereira
22 Gabriel Ho-Garcia
23 Max Godau
25 Benedikt Falter
26 Dennis Holthaus
27 Jan Schiffer
28 Christian Schmiedel
29 Malte Hellwig
30 Victor Haebel
31 Benedikt Sons
32 Felix Damberger

HC Rotterdam

Berend van Eldonk 1
Sijbrand Bolhuis 4
Oliver Polkamp 5
Nick van Trigt 6
Albert Beltran 7
Paul Melkert 8
Simon Egerton 9
Seve van Ass 10
Jeroen Hertzberger 11
Jochem Bakker 12
Sjoerd Gerretsen 13
Thijs van Dam 14
Diede van Puffelen 15
Tjep Hoedemakers 17
Sebas Molkenboer 18
Milan van Baal 19
Derk Meijer 20
Justen Blok 21
Blair Tarrant 22
Nick Catlin 23
Hugo Mann 24
Maurits Hertzberger 25
Joep Zeeman 26
Hidde Turkstra 27
Sjoerd Verhagen 28
Joris van Vliet 29
Mahinder Terlouw 30
Matthijs Frank 31
Sam de Pruijssenaere 32