Match Details

1 - 1 (6 - 7 SO)
01 Apr 19:15 CET
HC Rotterdam


'31 Borja Llorens (3) - PC
'40 Amaury Keusters (25) - PC


'10 Jeremy Duncan
'12 Victor Donck
'19 Alvaro Turull
'40 Alex Casasayas
'42 Manel Bordas

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Match report

Herakles’ fairytale story in the EHL continues as they won a dramatic shoot-out against Real Club de Polo to advance to the FINAL4, winning out in sudden death.

For Nico de Kerpel, he got to score the winner, bouncing back from the depths of despair of missing in the final round of the regulation series to score in the third round of sudden death, eventually winning it 7-6.

“This is crazy," de Kerpel said of the moment, one which he got to celebrate with the fans of the club he has been part of since he was four years old. "It’s the craziest thing that’s happened to me for our club. I hope we are going to have a lot of support because a lot of ours were on holiday so we will have even more and we will make it one hell of a holiday!”

Normal time had ended 1-1 with both sides nailing penalty corners, Borja Llorens scoring his second of the weekend before Amaury Keusters followed up to equalise in the second half.

In the early stages, Polo looked the more likely to get up and running with a series of backhand shots that either went over or were saved by Amaury Timmermans, keeping the scoreboard blank at the break.

The deadlock was broken seconds into the second half with Llorens firing in from the left angle for a great opener. Timmermans then was required to keep out an excellent Max Plennevaux shot with his knee.

But Herakles kept on pressing forward and got their reward in the 40th minute when Keusters was in the right place to flick into the net.

That meant a shoot-out in which Herakles had the early advantage when Timmermans saved brilliantly with his stick but it ended at 4-4 when de Kerpel’s shot rolled onto the post.

Two more rounds were scored before Llorenc Piera scuffed a shot wide and de Kerpel had his chance to win it, flipping to his reverse and firing home.

“I was really down after the first shoot-out. The guys asked if I wanted to take a second one and I told them if they missed, I would go up and take my chance the second time. I was so happy I got a second chance because it's not something you get everyday."

His coach Darren Bisley reflected on the tie: “Tight game, the guys executed the shoot-outs really really well, unlucky to miss one and they handled the pressure amazingly. They are classy players, all five of them, and took their moments. The captain, after missing one, stood up after missing one which shows his class.

“It was up to the players who felt it and Nico jumped forward. His whole career he has been waiting for a moment like this. He probably missed the first one on purpose so he could score the winner!

“You saw what it meant to the crowd itself, to our club. We will put on a massive show in the FINAL4.”

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Real Club de Polo

1 Mario Fernandez
2 Javier Cabot
3 Borja Llorens
4 Pablo de Abadal
6 Guillermo Chaves
7 Manel Bordas
9 Alex Casasayas
10 David Alegre
12 Maxime Plennevaux
13 Llorenç Piera
14 Francisco Cavaller
15 Pedro Giralt
16 Ignacio Ortiz
17 Luis Calzado
18 Oscar Recasens
19 Albert Dalmases
20 Javier Uriach
21 Alvaro Turull
22 Matias Rey
23 Tomás Tarruella
24 Pablo Farre
25 Javier Marfla
26 Marcos Giralt
27 Tomás Terradas
28 Javier Esteban
29 Marc Reyne
30 Alex Reyne
31 Lucas Baron
32 Salvador Armenteras

Royal Herakles HC

Amaury Timmermans 1
Nick Haig 2
Robert Creffer 3
Marco Donck 4
Tanausu Perez 5
Jacob Smith 6
Cédric Struyf 7
Victor Donck 8
Robin Huybrechs 9
Jeremy Schuermans 10
Fabian Timmermans 11
Nicolas De Kerpel 12
Thibaut Le Paige 13
Jerome Legrand 14
David Hens 15
Antonio Sanz Del Campo 16
Anthony Van Stratum 17
Arthur Da Costa 19
Jeremy Duncan 20
Louis Hottlet 21
Alexis Leclef 22
Gerbo Van Dessel 23
Harold Declercq 24
Amaury Keusters 25
Kevin Sanders 26
Romain Deville 27
Francesco Mitrotta 31