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'9 Quirijn Caspers (9) - FG
'13 Conor Harte (9) - PC
'28 Bjorn Kellerman (11) - FG


'27 Tom Boon
'29 Achille De Chaffoy
'34 Martijn Havenga
'40 Pepijn Luijkx
'42 Jasper Luijkx

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Match report

SV Kampong were the first side to make it through to the EHL FINAL4 as they got the better of Royal Racing Club de Bruxelles in a dramatic and controversial tie.

The 2016 champions won out 4-1 with a key moment being when Quirijn Caspers got the opening field goal. Racing looked set to clear the ball but it bounced off umpire Marcin Grochal and straight into the gleeful path of Caspers who had the simplest job to touch it over the line.

Up to that point, Racing had the slight upper hand with Tommy Willems seeing his shot incredibly cleared off the line in the third minute. Then came that unique goal in the ninth minute that put Racing on the back foot.

They did halve the deficit in the ninth minute from a powerful Conor Harte drag-flick, beating his twin brother David, to make it 2-1.

But the game was ultimately settled when Bjorn Kellerman got off a shot from the top of the circle to pick out the bottom corner in the 28th minute for a 4-1 lead.

Racing had corner chances and openings to reduce the gap but Kampong stayed out of range for all of the second half, making it through to the FINAL4 for the second time in three seasons.

Speaking afterwards, David and Conor Harte reacted to their personal battle, the Irish twins meeting each other in opposition for a rare occasion.

“Everyone was making a bit more of a fuss of it than we were,” David said. “We are both professional players. It’s a nice story for journalists – it’s not often you have twin brothers playing against each other on this stage and at this level. There was a smile on her face when we crossed over before the match and leaving it.

Conor added ruefully: “At least we knew one Harte was going off the pitch in the semi-final. It’s better than last year when we both went out one after the other in the KO16.

As for the freak goal that gave Kampong the lead, Conor said: “When it’s not your day, it’s not your day.

“We weren’t clinical enough in the circle, got in there enough, probably more than Kampong. They were more clinical and the soft goals conceded. We had our chances.”

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SV Kampong

1 David Harte
3 Sjoerd de Wert
4 Jip Janssen
6 Lars Balk
7 Ties Ceulemans
8 Casper Roelofs
9 Quirijn Caspers
10 Constantijn Jonker
11 Bjorn Kellerman
12 Sander de Wijn
14 Robbert Kemperman
16 Floris de Ridder
17 Boet Phijffer
18 Mats Tigchelhoff
20 Philip Meulenbroek
21 Teun Kropholler
22 Martijn Havenga
23 Pepijn Luijkx
24 Jasper Luijkx
25 Hidde Brink
26 Jeroen Fetter
27 Koen Visser
28 Bram van Battum
29 Lukas Siebinga
30 David Wolff

Racing Club de Bruxelles

Jérémy Gucassoff 1
Loick Vanwetter 2
Nathan Bertiau 3
Max Lootens 5
Martin Lambeau 6
Guillermo Garcia 7
Alexandre Meurmans 8
Conor Harte 9
Cédric Charlier 10
Jérôme Truyens 11
Thomas Vanneste 12
Alexis Cayphas 13
Augustin Meurmans 14
Mathieu Weyers 15
Achille De Chaffoy 16
Oscar Berton 17
Thibaut Cornillie 18
Anthony Versluys 21
Tommy Willems 22
Basile Vermylen 23
Benjamin Pierre 24
Maxime-François Puissant 25
Tom Boon 27
Michel Van Rysselberg 29
Mathieu Doumier 30
Olivier Henet 31
Loic Collart 32