Match Details

3 - 2
31 Mar 13:30 CET


'23 Martin Genestet (22) - FG
'30 Harry Morris (17) - FG
'34 François Goyet (28) - PC


'28 François Goyet
'44 Daragh Walsh
'50 François Goyet

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Match report

Francois Goyet’s second half penalty corner saw Saint Germain reach the KO8 for the first time since 2008 as they edged out Three Rock Rovers 3-2 in the first KO16 match of day two in HC Rotterdam.

He deflected home in the 34th the crucial strike. From there, they had some luck as Three Rock hit the bar through Harry Morris and also had two Luke Madeley corners taken off the line.

But the French side held their nerve while Ireland still waits for its first team to reach the quarter-finals of the competition.

In the first half, Rovers also had their chances with Richard Pautz denied by Arthur Thieffry from close range while Ross Canning’s shot was batted off the line by Frederic Gohlke.

Saint Germain, meanwhile, had some brilliant chances of their own with Goyet only denied by the tip of Jamie Carr’s toes.

Martin Genestet’s clever near post move earned their first goal, getting in front of his marker to turn home a baseline cross. Rovers got level when Morris produced a fine turn and thumped in on the stroke of half-time.

Saint Ger had the better of the third quarter and ran up five corners, Goyet tipping in the fourth of them for the lead. When Daragh Walsh was shown a 10-minute yellow, the Paris club held firm until deep into the final quarter and rode the final few minutes in decent shape.

Speaking afterwards, Thieffry said: "Yesterday we saw some video preparations. At the end, we had some messages from the old players from 2008 who said just enjoy it. It's normally a big battle when Ireland plays France; we know its going to be a war!"

As for the KO8 against either Bloemendaal or Dragons, he added: "We really wanted to get a match like this because we are in the home of hockey. Whoever we get, it's the same. We need to improve ourselves and, like today, enjoy it."

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Saint Germain HC

1 Arthur Thieffry
2 Grégoire Samson
3 Joris Harou
4 Guillaume Samson
5 Guillaume Deront
6 Lucas Bazille
7 Hugo Genestet
8 Sander van Beusekom
9 Pierre-Louis Verrier
10 Stijn Gabriel
11 Guillaume De Vaucelles
12 Jules Dumas
14 Fréderic Gohlke
15 Fabien Pourcelet
16 William-Ike Jeammot
17 Mathias Brachet
19 Paul Laminie
21 Hugo Fossier
22 Martin Genestet
23 Jacques Dzou
24 Tom Genestet
25 Thomas Pauchet
26 Blaise Rogeau
27 Kevin Mercurio
28 François Goyet
29 Yann Brachet
30 Martin Zylbermann
32 Matthieu Mariès

Three Rock Rovers

Jamie Carr 1
David Kane 2
Ravin Nair 3
Peter Blakeney 4
Matthew Walker 6
Conor Empey 7
John Mullins 8
Ross Canning 9
Michael Darling 10
Ben Walker 11
James Walker 12
Luke Madeley 13
Daragh Walsh 14
Kevin Mullins 15
Robert McCollum 16
Harry Morris 17
Jody Hosking 18
Richard Pautz 19
Mark Samuel 20
Alex O'Regan 21
Peter Lynch 22
Alex Flynn 23
Harry MacMahon 24
Ben McCrea 25
Shane O'Brien 26
Conor Quinn 27
Luke Campion 28
Nick Judge 29