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'14 Lukas Windfeder (6) - PC
'44 Gabriel Ho-Garcia (22) - FG


'58 Alastair Haughton

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Match report

Uhlenhorst Mulheim made it through to the KO8 for the second time in their history with a strong performance against Racing Club de France.

A field goal in the second half from Gabriel Ho-Garcia put them out of range, adding to Lukas Windfeder’s rocket of a drag-flick in the first half.

They had plenty of further chances to go further clear while Racing goalkeeper Corentin Saunier produced some great stops with Thilo Stralkowski and Tobias Matania proving powerful performers in midfield.

And they put the game out of range when Matania got to the left baseline and picked out Canadian star Ho-Garcia who dove in to touch the ball home.

Racing’s best chances came early in the game and then again in the closing minute but they could not break through the German defence with Jean-Laurent Kieffer missing out with a few seconds to go.

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Racing Club de France

1 Corentin Saunier
2 Baptiste Gosset
3 Antoine Ferec
4 Dylan Dominik
5 Olivier Poulain
6 Jean-Laurent Kieffer
7 Henri Pignerol
8 Simon Martin-Brisac
9 Claudio Schaerer
10 Nicolas Martin-Brisac
11 Alastair Haughton
12 Charles Vochel
13 Jules Francotte
14 Maxime Cheron
15 David Bernstein
16 Mathieu Regniez
17 Christophe Peters-Deutz
18 Karl-Victor Merle
19 François Scheefer
20 Célestin Duchesne
21 Louis Duprez
22 Cyprien Fermaut
23 Adrien Coffigniez
24 Amaury Bellenger
25 Hugo Galipo
26 Thibault Fouquet

THC Uhlenhorst Mülheim

Lennart Küppers 1
Henry Nonn 2
Ferdinand Weinke 4
Arnoud Weehuizen 5
Lukas Windfeder 6
Tom Brinkmann 7
Roderick Musters 8
Johannes Gans 9
Tobias Matania 10
Thilo Stralkowski 11
Benedikt Fürk 12
Jonas Weißner 13
Timm Herzbruch 14
Robert Duckscheer 16
Laurens Halfmann 17
Benjamin Becker 18
Jan Nitschke 19
Niklas Bosserhoff 20
Keegan Pereira 21
Gabriel Ho-Garcia 22
Max Godau 23
Benedikt Falter 25
Dennis Holthaus 26
Jan Schiffer 27
Christian Schmiedel 28
Malte Hellwig 29
Victor Haebel 30
Benedikt Sons 31
Felix Damberger 32