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'14 Tom Boon (27) - FG
'15 Jérôme Truyens (11) - FG
'22 Conor Harte (9) - PC
'25 Tommy Willems (22) - FG
'47 Guillermo Garcia (7) - FG


'8 Max Lootens
'12 Pavel Golubev

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Match report

Racing Club de Bruxelles cruised into the EHL KO8 for the second time in their history with a comfortable victory over Dinamo Kazan.

It took 13 minutes to get on the board, Jerome Truyens breaking in from the left sideline, exchanging passes with Tom Boon, leading to the latter flicking into the roof of the net.

The 2-0 lead quickly became four with Truyens scoring a brilliant solo goal with a rocket on the reverse and Conor Harte added a corner goal in the second quarter for a 5-0 advantage.

Before half-time, Tommy Willems added the third field goal of the game, leading well to get in front of his marker while moving away from goal, making enough space to unleash a great shot into the top corner.

Guillermo Garcia smashed in a sharp chance for another double with 13 minutes to go, making the game extra certain.

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Racing Club de Bruxelles

1 Jérémy Gucassoff
2 Loick Vanwetter
3 Nathan Bertiau
5 Max Lootens
6 Martin Lambeau
7 Guillermo Garcia
8 Alexandre Meurmans
9 Conor Harte
10 Cédric Charlier
11 Jérôme Truyens
12 Thomas Vanneste
13 Alexis Cayphas
14 Augustin Meurmans
15 Mathieu Weyers
16 Achille De Chaffoy
17 Oscar Berton
18 Thibaut Cornillie
21 Anthony Versluys
22 Tommy Willems
23 Basile Vermylen
24 Benjamin Pierre
25 Maxime-François Puissant
27 Tom Boon
29 Michel Van Rysselberg
30 Mathieu Doumier
31 Olivier Henet
32 Loic Collart

Dinamo Kazan

Andrei Serebriakov 1
Andrei Isaev 2
Airat Mukhametov 3
Dmitrii Salov 4
Denis Shchipachev 5
Andrei Semenov 7
Vladislav Lebed 8
Aleksei Kuzmin 9
Adnan Maqsood 10
Linar Fattakhov 11
Anton Kornilov 12
Luciano Ferrario 13
Timur Nikolaev 14
Pavel Golubev 15
Almaz Kurbanov 17
Aleksei Maiorov 19
Marat Gafarov 22
Aleksandr Korolev 23
Rafis Nasyrov 25
Nikolay Iankun 27
Ilfat Zamalutdinov 28
Nikolai Komarov 29
Ruzal Gazizullin 31