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0 - 8
31 Mar 20:15 CET


'16 Jamie Dwyer (1) - FG
'24 Roel Bovendeert (7) - FG
'39 Roel Bovendeert (7) - FG
'41 Roel Bovendeert (7) - FG


'28 Jasper Brinkman
'40 Arthur van Doren

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Match report

Roel Bovendeert’s hat trick saw HC Bloemendaal complete a comprehensive victory over KHC Dragons, sweeping home with two field goals in the second and third quarters.

Dragons did have the opening chance just 15 seconds in when Jeffrey Thys was left alone in the circle but thrashed off course. They did give Bloemendaal and Jaap Stockmann some cause for concern in those opening phases but the Dutch side soon took over.

Jamie Dwyer set the Bloemendaal ball rolling when he popped home the opening goal in the 16th minute, following up after Loic van Doren put a halt to Florian Fuchs’ driving run.

Then Bovendeert took over, latching onto a breaking ball in the circle from Tim Jenniskens and slipping his shot under the advancing goalkeeper.

And the game was pretty much put out of reach nine minutes into the second half when Bovendeert leapt full length to get a diving touch to Sander ‘t Hart’s cross from the right wing.

Bovendeert then completed his hat trick with a glorious tip-in to Florian Fuchs’ bouncing left-wing cross, a quality finish once again from mid-air.

The fourth quarter never really saw Dragons threaten a big comeback and Bloemendaal had their place in the KO8 where they will take on Uhlenhorst Mulheim.

Reflecting on the game, Bloemendaal coach Michel van den Heuvel said the first goal was crucial: “It always depends on who scores first and the first quarter, Dragons gave us a big problem and demanded a lot of us. But after that, we were able to put more pressure on and when we got the first two goals, they had to come forward.

“Then we could use our speed and we got much more confidence in the game. If they scored early, it could have been a very close game. Also, if we played them 10 times, we could lose three or four like that. I didn’t expect it to go like this."

As for Bovendeert, he paid tribute to the forward who spent much of last season out with injury but is now very much back and firing.

“He dis alright today; tomorrow someone else will! I am really glad for him that he made a couple of brilliant tip ins; its one of his specialties.”

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KHC Dragons

1 Valentijn Schneider
2 Daan Drijver
3 Arthur van Doren
4 Jeremy Celis
5 Koen de Waal
6 Fabrice Van Bockrijck
7 Robbert Rubens
10 Gregory Stockbroekx
11 Florent van Aubel
12 Louis Rombouts
13 Thomas Verheijen
14 Loic van Doren
16 Alexander Hendrickx
17 Nicolas Poncelet
18 Jeffrey Thys
19 Felix Denayer
20 Thibauld Leyssens
21 Timothy Luyten
22 Lucas Putters
23 Henri Raes
24 Louis-Philippe Stevens
25 Sebastiaan Geers
26 Victor Wegnez
27 Henri Denayer
28 Thibault Thomas
29 Anthony Buytaert
30 Frederic Beeckman
31 Bozz Willaert
32 Mattan Roumen

HC Bloemendaal

Jamie Dwyer 1
Jaap Stockmann 2
Sam Martens 3
Mats de Groot 4
Tim Swaen 5
Sander 't Hart 6
Roel Bovendeert 7
Thierry Brinkman 8
David Luijckx 9
Jord Beekmans 10
Glenn Schuurman 11
Eby Kessing 12
Jasper Brinkman 13
Emmanuel Stockbroekx 15
Tim Jenniskens 16
Xavier Lleonart 17
Yannik van der Drift 18
Wouter Jolie 19
Feiko Keilholz 22
Florian Fuchs 23
Boris van Dijk 26
Karel Klaver 27
Floris Wortelboer 28
Flip Wijsman 31
Andre Morees 32