Match Details

4 - 7
30 Mar 15:15 CET


'15 Nicholas Bandurak (23) - FG
'18 Maxime Plennevaux (12) - PS
'30 Borja Llorens (3) - PC
'48 Ignacio Ortiz (16) - FG
'50 Alex Casasayas (9) - FG
'60 Nicholas Bandurak (23) - FG


'43 Coby Green

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Match report

Real Club de Polo came from behind to beat Holcombe 7-4 to reach the KO8 once again, beating an understrength Holcombe with something to spare.

The English club were missing stars like Barry Middleton and George Pinner at the Commonwealth Games while David Ames was out injured.

Holcombe, nonetheless, went ahead when Nick Bandurak spun incredibly quickly on a loose ball to smash home on the turn from a quick move via Jonathan Bretherton and Dan Webster.

Polo, though, were showing up well and making most of the early moves. They had already hit the post before producing some serious style.

Max Plennevaux equalised from the penatly spot – the stroke awarded from play – to level the game at 2-2 and Borja Llorens’ drag-flick put Polo into a 3-2 lead at half-time.

The game was then killed off in the early stages of the fourth quarter when Nano Ortiz bundled in a bouncing ball after Manu Bordas’s run and touch into the circle. Alex Casasayas extended the advantage out to 7-2 with a backhand finish that owed much to the delicious pass on the turn from Plennevaux.

Bandurak did get another two back with a classy field goal with 60 seconds left but too late to change the outcome.

Speaking afterwards, Polo's Borja Llorens reflected on the game: “When they scored first with a field goal counting double, we were a little bit worried. But I think we reacted really well, waiting for the opportunities and finally scored. When we scored the first one, we felt comfortable and it got much easier.

He played against Holcombe last season in the English league but said it was a very different outfit: “We normally spend a lot of time watching the games of other teams; we only had a small amount of video for them but we knew who were their good players."

And it raises the chances of reaching the FINAL4 for a second time in Polo's history.

“All the opponents in the last few years were champions of the Dutch of German league so this time it will be different. We know some of the Herakles players well and know more about their league so we will do ok.”


Holcombe HC

1 George Pinner
2 Martin Robbins
3 James Davies
4 Ekamjot Bachu
5 Daniel Fox
6 Adam Cook
7 Jatinder Bachu
9 Daniel Edwards
10 Coby Green
11 Dan Webster
12 Alistair Bray
13 Jonathan Bretherton
14 David Ames
15 Glenn Eyers
16 Robert Field
17 Harry Trusler
18 Barry Middleton
19 Mohamed Mea
20 Louis Parker
21 Aaronvir Cheema
22 Richard Lane
23 Nicholas Bandurak
24 Jack Pogson
25 Thomas O'Keeffe
30 Andrew Perkins
31 Joseph Neighbour
32 Sean Parker

Real Club de Polo

Mario Fernandez 1
Javier Cabot 2
Borja Llorens 3
Pablo de Abadal 4
Guillermo Chaves 6
Manel Bordas 7
Alex Casasayas 9
David Alegre 10
Maxime Plennevaux 12
Llorenç Piera 13
Francisco Cavaller 14
Pedro Giralt 15
Ignacio Ortiz 16
Luis Calzado 17
Oscar Recasens 18
Albert Dalmases 19
Javier Uriach 20
Alvaro Turull 21
Matias Rey 22
Tomás Tarruella 23
Pablo Farre 24
Javier Marfla 25
Marcos Giralt 26
Tomás Terradas 27
Javier Esteban 28
Marc Reyne 29
Alex Reyne 30
Lucas Baron 31
Salvador Armenteras 32