Match Details

4 - 2
30 Mar 17:30 CET


'2 Jacob Smith (6) - FG
'3 Roc Oliva (11) - PC
'43 Louis Hottlet (21) - FG
'45 Roc Oliva (11) - PC


'15 Antonio Sanz Del Campo
'30 Victor Donck
'32 Joan Tarres
'52 Nick Haig

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Match report

A pair of field goals powered Herakles to victory in their first ever EHL game as they saw off Atletic Terrassa, winning out 4-2 in the second KO16 game in Rotterdam

The Belgian side got their EHL history off to a dream start Jacob Smith turned in an Antonio Sanz del Campo cross behind his back from the left wing to make it 2-0 with a lovely field goal.

That came inside just the second minute but Atletic had one back when Roc Oliva powered in a penalty corner within 60 seconds.

It was a rip-roaring first half with plenty of chances at each end with numerous points of drama and video reviews. Herakles had one field goal called back in favour of a corner but despite all the drama, no further scores accrued.

The crucial moment came just before the end of the third quarter when Louis Hottlet got the vital touch, sliding home a finish to extend the lead out to 4-1.

Again, Atletic replied quickly and got another Oliva corner on the board, setting up a dramatic late corner with lots of emotion but Herakles stood firm to secure their maiden victory.

Speaking afterwards, coach Darran Bisley said: “It’s an historical day. The guys did a really good job to get up to this level and really match it with Atletic. They are very fast and skillful guys and something we don’t face every week but we found that level.

“Huge challenge. It hasn’t sunk in yet but we play Polo. We’ll have a look at them tonight and tomorrow and try to come up with a good plan to get through to the next one.”

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Royal Herakles HC

1 Amaury Timmermans
2 Nick Haig
3 Robert Creffer
4 Marco Donck
5 Tanausu Perez
6 Jacob Smith
7 Cédric Struyf
8 Victor Donck
9 Robin Huybrechs
10 Jeremy Schuermans
11 Fabian Timmermans
12 Nicolas De Kerpel
13 Thibaut Le Paige
14 Jerome Legrand
15 David Hens
16 Antonio Sanz Del Campo
17 Anthony Van Stratum
19 Arthur Da Costa
20 Jeremy Duncan
21 Louis Hottlet
22 Alexis Leclef
23 Gerbo Van Dessel
24 Harold Declercq
25 Amaury Keusters
26 Kevin Sanders
27 Romain Deville
31 Francesco Mitrotta

Atletic Terrassa HC

Marc Calzada 1
Arnau de Bruijn 2
Ignasi Torras 3
Jan Malgosa 4
Marc Pujal 5
Pere Autonell 6
Marc Boltó 7
Marc Torrente 8
Daniel Malgosa 9
Marc Salles 10
Roc Oliva 11
Xavier Galí 12
Lluis Mele 13
Jan Juliá 14
Sam Cortes 15
Oriol Peremiquel 16
Santiago Morera 17
Pol Parrilla 18
Alejandro Mafla 19
Joan Verdaguer 20
Marc Escudé 21
Joan Tarres 23
Santi Ibañez 24
Andreu Gomez 25
Jordi Calzada 26
Marc Vizcaino 27
Roger Figa 28
Jordi Bonastre 29
Jan Vall 30