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'11 Timm Haase (27) - FG
'25 Lucas Vila (12) - FG
'53 Tjep Hoedemakers (17) - FG
'59 Nick Catlin (23) - FG


'19 Teo Hinrichs
'38 Danny Nguyen
'44 Seve van Ass

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Match report

HC Rotterdam produced an incredible comeback from 4-0 down with seven minutes to go to beat Mannheimer HC in a shoot-out, again coming from behind to record a famous win.

The German champions looked well in control for long periods following first half field goals from Timm Haase and Lucas Vila, putting them four clear.

But Tjep Hoedemakers gave Rotterdam hope when he provided a lovely spin finish to halve the gap. Mannheim thought they had got one back only for a video review to cancel it out, denying them a 6-2 lead due to an obstruction.

And then Nick Catlin burst through and onto Diede van Puffelen’s bouncing cross, picking up the rebound and then slashing home just ahead of Thijs van Dam.

It came with 60 seconds remaining and sent the game to shoot-out. There, Mannheim scored their first four efforts with Oliver Polkamp shooting wide for Rotterdam. But Berend van Eldonk pulled off a cracking save in the final round while Albert Beltran missed.

That meant sudden death where Jeroen Hertzberger scored for a second time while van Eldonk forced Guido Barreiros to shoot wide, taking the tie 5-4 in the shoot-out.

Reflecting on the goal, Catlin confirmed it was his final touch: “I’m pretty sure I did! [Van Dam] wasn’t far off taking my stick before the ball but I go there just in time. We didn’t play particularly well in the first half and they did a particularly good job of shutting their attack down. As soon as we got that lifeline, that really helped us push on and then anything can happen.

“I don’t score many; it’s probably one of the most important I have scored in my career. In front of 6,000 people, it doesn’t get much better than that. This is why we love playing hockey, occasions like this!

As for the shoot-out hero, van Eldonk added: “First half, they only got two opportunities but got two field goals, making a difference of four. We had to change level in half-time and it sank in the third quarter.

“Last year, we had shoot-outs twice in the Hoofdklasse and lost twice. Again, the first four balls I didn’t come close and it was typical Germans in a shoot-out but I got that final ball.

“I didn’t see where I went but I looked around me, saw the four guys running to me and the whole place going crazy!”

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HC Rotterdam

1 Berend van Eldonk
4 Sijbrand Bolhuis
5 Oliver Polkamp
6 Nick van Trigt
7 Albert Beltran
8 Paul Melkert
9 Simon Egerton
10 Seve van Ass
11 Jeroen Hertzberger
12 Jochem Bakker
13 Sjoerd Gerretsen
14 Thijs van Dam
15 Diede van Puffelen
17 Tjep Hoedemakers
18 Sebas Molkenboer
19 Milan van Baal
20 Derk Meijer
21 Justen Blok
22 Blair Tarrant
23 Nick Catlin
24 Hugo Mann
25 Maurits Hertzberger
26 Joep Zeeman
27 Hidde Turkstra
28 Sjoerd Verhagen
29 Joris van Vliet
30 Mahinder Terlouw
31 Matthijs Frank
32 Sam de Pruijssenaere

Mannheimer HC

Gonzalo Peillat 2
Christopher Held 3
Lukas Stumpf 4
Teo Hinrichs 6
Tino Nguyen 7
Philipp Huber 8
Luis Holste 9
Patrick Hablawetz 10
Jossip Anzeneder 11
Lucas Vila 12
Paul Zmyslony 13
Frederik Hillmann 14
Rhett Halkett 15
Luca Müller 16
Patrick Harris 17
Mario Schachner 18
Felix Schües 19
Thimo Bernet 20
Alexander Niopek 21
Danny Nguyen 22
Jan-Philipp Fischer 23
Maximilian Neumann 24
Guido Barreiros 26
Timm Haase 27
Yannick Dehoff 28
Johannes Laich 29
Lars Pflaesterer 30
Niklas Garst 31
Julius Döbele 32