Match Details

8 - 0
02 Apr 15:45 CET
HC Rotterdam


'19 Florian Fuchs (23) - FG
'24 Roel Bovendeert (7) - FG
'44 Jamie Dwyer (1) - PS
'49 Roel Bovendeert (7) - FG


'8 Xavier Lleonart
'47 Guillaume Deront

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Match report

HC Bloemendaal are back in the FINAL4 as they got over a sticky start against Saint Germain to eventually run out big winners.

It was a double bonus for the club as they will also host the FINAL4 event at their Noord Holland base where they will hope to win their third EHL title.

Early on, the French side were much the livelier, drawing a trip of good saves from Jaap Stockmann, peppering his goalmouth with Joris Harou forcing him to scramble.

Arthur Thieffry then came into his own with a double save, using his helmet to keep out Thierry Brinkman and then Florian Fuchs and Sander ’t Hart.

Fuchs though got the breakthrough in the 19th minute when he got some space and smashed a shot through Thieffry’s defences. And the pressure began to tell when Roel Bovendeert scored his fourth field goal of the weekend soon after from Jord Beekmans cross.

Jamie Dwyer added his name to the scoresheet from a penalty stroke in the third quarter after Tim Jenniskens was felled. Bovendeert then made extra sure with a glorious first time finish following a perfect ball into his path from Tim Swaen.

Looking back on the weekend's work and two 8-0 wins for Bloemendaal, Florian Fuchs said: “I wouldn’t say the win over Dragons was easier than expected but I think we felt really good in the game. In the first quarter, we were the weaker side but as soon as we got the first goal, you saw the team had so much determination and was so willing to put everything into the game.

"This was our moment and we wanted to reach the FINAL4 so much. You felt on the pitch every player was putting in 100%. That’s how we eventually got the win against a very strong opponent.

“Today was maybe mentally tougher against a strong Paris team, especially in the first quarter. We did a good job after that and put a lot more pressure on them."

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HC Bloemendaal

1 Jamie Dwyer
2 Jaap Stockmann
3 Sam Martens
4 Mats de Groot
5 Tim Swaen
6 Sander 't Hart
7 Roel Bovendeert
8 Thierry Brinkman
9 David Luijckx
10 Jord Beekmans
11 Glenn Schuurman
12 Eby Kessing
13 Jasper Brinkman
15 Emmanuel Stockbroekx
16 Tim Jenniskens
17 Xavier Lleonart
18 Yannik van der Drift
19 Wouter Jolie
22 Feiko Keilholz
23 Florian Fuchs
26 Boris van Dijk
27 Karel Klaver
28 Floris Wortelboer
31 Flip Wijsman
32 Andre Morees

Saint Germain HC

Arthur Thieffry 1
Grégoire Samson 2
Joris Harou 3
Guillaume Samson 4
Guillaume Deront 5
Lucas Bazille 6
Hugo Genestet 7
Sander van Beusekom 8
Pierre-Louis Verrier 9
Stijn Gabriel 10
Guillaume De Vaucelles 11
Jules Dumas 12
Fréderic Gohlke 14
Fabien Pourcelet 15
William-Ike Jeammot 16
Mathias Brachet 17
Paul Laminie 19
Hugo Fossier 21
Martin Genestet 22
Jacques Dzou 23
Tom Genestet 24
Thomas Pauchet 25
Blaise Rogeau 26
Kevin Mercurio 27
François Goyet 28
Yann Brachet 29
Martin Zylbermann 30
Matthieu Mariès 32