Match Details

10 - 0
06 Oct 13:45 CET
Pau Negre Stadium, Barcelona


'7 Gabriel Ho-Garcia (22) - FG
'15 Malte Hellwig (29) - FG
'31 Thilo Stralkowski (11) - PC
'40 Malte Hellwig (29) - FG
'57 Tobias Matania (10) - FG
'60 Jan Schiffer (27) - PC


'15 Samuel Daymond
'18 Benjamin Becker
'42 Tobias Matania
'46 Tobias Matania

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Match report

Gabriel Ho-Garcia scored the first “double-goal” in EHL history as he finished off a scrappy move, putting the German side on course for a strong opening statement at the EHL ROUND1 in Barcelona.

“It being my first EHL game ever, I’m obviously excited to score and its also something special to be that first guy to score one that counts as two,” Canadian international Ho-Garcia said of that moment.

It set in motion a fine win with Malte Hellwig tapping in a second field goal, making it 4-0, in the 15the minute. The German side continued to power forward and they extended the advantage to five via Thilo Stralkowski’s drag-flick early in the second half

Hellwig then got another close range goal to put seven in the difference. Cardiff’s goalkeeper James Fortnam made a series of good saves while Jack Pritchard made a brilliant stop on the goal line from a drag-flick.

But the Welsh champions were unable to get too much going in attack bar Luke Hawker’s threatening cross and Uhlenhorst were always comfortable.

Tobias Matania scored the fourth field goal – after sitting out both a green and yellow card – from a great counter-attack. A Jan Schiffer completed the win with a corner goal on the final hooter.

“We just want to come out of this weekend with two wins and we played well and looking forward to Sunday,” Ho-Garcia said of the side’s targets for the weekend with the club he joined just a few weeks ago.

“Mulheim has been a bit of a change because I am not used to the league, the intensity, and the high level. I am certainly getting used to it and am really enjoying it. The guys have really accepted me into the team so I am loving my time here so far!”


THC Uhlenhorst Mülheim

2 Henry Nonn
4 Ferdinand Weinke
5 Arnoud Weehuizen
6 Lukas Windfeder
7 Tom Brinkmann
8 Roderick Musters
9 Johannes Gans
10 Tobias Matania
11 Thilo Stralkowski
13 Jonas Weißner
17 Laurens Halfmann
18 Benjamin Becker
20 Niklas Bosserhoff
21 Keegan Pereira
22 Gabriel Ho-Garcia
27 Jan Schiffer
29 Malte Hellwig
32 Felix Damberger

Cardiff & Met

James Fortnam 1
Eddie Evans 2
Ioan Wall 3
Alf Dinnie 5
William Raymond 6
Jacob Draper 7
Ieuan Davies 8
Jacob Connock 9
Jimmy Devney 10
Luke Hawker 11
Rhys Bradshaw 14
Ronan Taggart 15
Samuel Daymond 17
Jack Pritchard 21
Jack Maclean 22
Jack Valentine 24
Charles Hunte 29
Mark Philpot 30