Match Details

4 - 0
06 Oct 18:15 CET
Pau Negre Stadium, Barcelona


'5 Florian Fuchs (23) - FG
'60 Thierry Brinkman (8) - FG


'26 Peter Friend
'28 Phillip Roper
'35 John Kinder
'36 Mats de Groot
'56 Floris Wortelboer

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Match report

Two field goals at either end of the game saw Bloemendaal battle their way to victory over Wimbledon in a tense battle as Florian Fuchs scored inside the first five minutes before Thierry Brinkman settled the tie in the closing 20 seconds.

In between, both sides had numerous chances to change the course of the game, with Wimbledon trying out a series of innovative penalty corner moves but Bloemendaal held their nerve and grasped the victory.

Fuchs’ early goal came from a lightning quick break down the right wing, giving them a 2-0 lead which they held through to half-time.

The second half saw the ante upped as time wore on with Ali Brogdon winning his side’s first corner with a driving run but their ambition to stop the ball outside the five-metre area and make it a field goal chance was charged down.

The English side earned another similar chance but it was Bloemendaal who protected their middle and attacked at pace. Thierry Brinkman was put through on goal by Fuchs but James Bailey made a brilliant stick save to deny the Dutch striker.

Bailey also got down low to deny Fuchs on the backhand. Wimbledon had their chances to level the goal from play in the closing three minutes when Floris Wortleboer was in the sin-bin, the pick of them from Phil Roper’s backhand cross which just evaded Ben Arnold along with another corner.

Bloemendaal, meanwhile, punished this miss as a long overhead made it to Brinkman who eventually scored into an open goal and the 4-0 victory.

For Roel Bovendeert, it was part of his continued rehabilitation from injury and while he took time out to rest his hamstring, he said he was happy to be back and playing this kind of game.

“Being back to play in this kind of game is why I worked so hard. This games was tough on my hamstring so I do need to recover from that and I need to keep building up the amount of games and, after a few months, I should get back to my old level. It takes a while and I need to take a patient approach.

“Tt was a tough game in the end and we knew they had some very tough defenders. We knew that it would be this kind of fighting game and got the win.

“It was 2-0 but, with the double-goal, even with the late corner they got, it doesn’t matter. It was still very close, especially as they kept coming. It’s tight and that is how it should be in the EHL."

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HC Bloemendaal

1 Jamie Dwyer
2 Jaap Stockmann
3 Sam Martens
4 Mats de Groot
5 Tim Swaen
6 Sander 't Hart
7 Roel Bovendeert
8 Thierry Brinkman
10 Jord Beekmans
11 Glenn Schuurman
13 Jasper Brinkman
15 Emmanuel Stockbroekx
16 Tim Jenniskens
17 Xavier Lleonart
18 Yannik van der Drift
22 Feiko Keilholz
23 Florian Fuchs
28 Floris Wortelboer


James Bailey 2
Benjamin Arnold 3
Benjamin Tibble 4
Peter Friend 5
Henry Weir 6
Chad Conlon 7
Ian Sloan 8
Simon Mantell 9
Alastair Brogdon 10
Phillip Roper 15
Phillip Ball 17
Iain Lewers 18
Jonty Griffiths 19
Edward Horler 20
Gareth Hall 22
Nathanael Stewart 23
Gordon McIntyre 28
John Kinder 32