Match Details

2 - 8
27 May 18:00 CET
HC Bloemendaal


'30 Constantijn Jonker (10) - FG
'40 Xavier Lleonart (17) - FG
'43 Roel Bovendeert (7) - FG
'58 Thierry Brinkman (8) - FG
'60 Jamie Dwyer (1) - FG


'5 Pepijn Luijkx
'8 Floris Wortelboer
'39 Jip Janssen
'54 Sander de Wijn
'54 Xavier Lleonart

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Match report

HC Bloemendaal won their third EHL crown as they won an epic battle with SV Kampong in the final, taking back the Alain Danet Trophy they win 2009 and 2013.

It was much to the delight of the bouyant home crowd with a largely orange fan-base packing the sold out stands in Noord Holland.

Bloemendaal made most of the early moves in the first half with David Harte standing tall to make two calm saves with his hands. Bloemendaal has the ball in the goal via Jord Beekmans but it hit his foot before he got the final scrambled touch.

Roel Bovendeert crashed a reverse-stick shot wide of the goal but Kampong rode out that early storm as Sander de Wijn began to pick off more and more ball. Jip Janssen crashed a ball just out of reach of Robbert Kemperman to serve as a warning shot.

And they took the lead in controversial fashion when Kemperman took a long corner, first moving the ball left before returning to the right where he slapped into the circle. Bloemendaal stood still, expecting the ball to have been judged not to have moved five metres.

But Constantijn Jonker was alive to the chance and was in position to tap home. That came 10 seconds before half-time and ensured a 2-0 half-time lead.

Bloemendaal turned things around in the third quarter, however, with two goals in three minutes. It came from a corner which was allowed go beyond the five-metre line, allowing them to go for two-goals, he worked a one-two with Jamie Dwyer and Spaniard unleashed a rocket of a shot into the roof of the goal for 2-2.

Three minutes later, a monster aerial out of defence from Floris Wortleboers fell invitingly for Roel Bovendeert in behind the last defender and he cushioned the ball with lovely soft hands to beat David Harte.

Kampong almost reduced the deficit from a Janssen drag-flick but it was gloved off the line by the post man. Bloemendaal had three major chances to seal the deal from there on as Florian Fuchs twice got through one on one only to be denied by Harte. Dwyer also nudged another chance wide before the killer moment came in the 58th minute.

Kampong withdrew their goalkeeper and were almost instantly caught with de Wijn up the pitch, claiming a free. The umpires waved play on as everybody stopped, giving Thierry Brinkman the chance to burst up the pitch and slot home on his reverse into the empty net for 6-2.

Quirijn Caspers hit the post with a shot in the endgame before Jamie Dwyer crowned the victory in the final 11 seconds.

Man of the match Xavi Lleonart said afterwards: “I don’t have words; it was always my dream but now I can say I am an EHL winner!

“Bloemendaal is the best club in the world, the atmosphere is incredible. I want to thank all the Bloemigans, the volunteers and everyone. It was an amazing event and now we have the title.”

For goalkeeper Jaap Stockmann, it was the perfect way to end his career as he retires: “To finish off on my home ground in such an atmosphere, winning a tournament cannot be better!

“For the team, it was fantastic to see after the great disappointment in the playoffs to get back into it, reshape and put on this kind of performance. I think we were unstoppable!”

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SV Kampong

1 David Harte
3 Sjoerd de Wert
4 Jip Janssen
6 Lars Balk
7 Ties Ceulemans
8 Casper Roelofs
9 Quirijn Caspers
10 Constantijn Jonker
11 Bjorn Kellerman
12 Sander de Wijn
14 Robbert Kemperman
16 Floris de Ridder
17 Boet Phijffer
18 Mats Tigchelhoff
20 Philip Meulenbroek
21 Teun Kropholler
22 Martijn Havenga
23 Pepijn Luijkx
24 Jasper Luijkx
25 Hidde Brink
26 Jeroen Fetter
27 Koen Visser
28 Bram van Battum
29 Lukas Siebinga
30 David Wolff

HC Bloemendaal

Jamie Dwyer 1
Jaap Stockmann 2
Sam Martens 3
Mats de Groot 4
Tim Swaen 5
Sander 't Hart 6
Roel Bovendeert 7
Thierry Brinkman 8
David Luijckx 9
Jord Beekmans 10
Glenn Schuurman 11
Eby Kessing 12
Jasper Brinkman 13
Emmanuel Stockbroekx 15
Tim Jenniskens 16
Xavier Lleonart 17
Yannik van der Drift 18
Wouter Jolie 19
Feiko Keilholz 22
Florian Fuchs 23
Boris van Dijk 26
Karel Klaver 27
Floris Wortelboer 28
Flip Wijsman 31
Andre Morees 32