Match Details

6 - 0
26 May 18:00 CET
HC Bloemendaal


'22 Jamie Dwyer (1) - PS
'36 Florian Fuchs (23) - FG
'60 Thierry Brinkman (8) - FG


'30 Emmanuel Stockbroekx
'44 Roel Bovendeert

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Match report

Bloemendaal advanced to the EHL Grand Final with a confident 6-0 win over Rotterdam to set up a Grand Final date with SV Kampong on Sunday, May 27 (4pm CET).

It was built around Jamie Dwyer’s first half penalty stroke, a cracking second half solo goal from Florian Fuchs and a late Thierry Brinkman touch.

Speaking about the win, Fuchs said afterwards: “We defended really well as a team, collectively, straight from the beginning, and were really sharp. We came from quite a disappointing playoff weeks and so wanted to do so much better and that’s what the whole team showed today. We put everything into it and it was an absolutely stunning team performance.

It was the perfect way for him team to bounce back from the tough losses in the Dutch playoffs and the German star said it was easy to do so given the club support.

“Look at what the club has organised in the last few days and the atmosphere. It helps you forget about [the disappointment]. You just want to do your best for your team, your club and are given so much enthusiasm by this atmosphere. It has been difficult but it has been a learning process as well."

His goal was another special one in the history of the EHL, an event which he has a special affinity for.

“I’ve been playing in it a long time and I just love it. But it’s not just me. Everyone on the team and the club knows what the EHL is about and that’s why you want to win it so much.”

Early on in the game, there were chances at both ends with Roel Bovendeert volleying over first time from a long ball and Berend van Eldonk did brilliantly to keep out a Tim Swaen penalty corner shot.

Rotterdam had a number of corners before the half-time break but they found it difficult to get around the first runner with three charged down, yielding only a diving shot from Seve van Ass that slipped by the post.

The breakthrough for Bloemendaal came with eight minutes to go in the first half when van Eldonk tripped an attacker coming in from the left baseline, offering the chance for Jamie Dwyer to score from the following stroke.

Bloemendaal strengthened their position in the second half in absolutely stunning style when Swaen picked up the ball on the edge of his own 23-metre line and laid off for Fuchs. He embarked on an incredible, mazy solo run up the field that ended with him bunting home from mid-circle at the end.

Dwyer missed a great chance to make the game safe in the closing ten minutes but that final field goal did come in the last minute when Thierry Brinkman tapped in from Dwyer’s cross.

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HC Bloemendaal

1 Jamie Dwyer
2 Jaap Stockmann
3 Sam Martens
4 Mats de Groot
5 Tim Swaen
6 Sander 't Hart
7 Roel Bovendeert
8 Thierry Brinkman
9 David Luijckx
10 Jord Beekmans
11 Glenn Schuurman
12 Eby Kessing
13 Jasper Brinkman
15 Emmanuel Stockbroekx
16 Tim Jenniskens
17 Xavier Lleonart
18 Yannik van der Drift
19 Wouter Jolie
22 Feiko Keilholz
23 Florian Fuchs
26 Boris van Dijk
27 Karel Klaver
28 Floris Wortelboer
31 Flip Wijsman
32 Andre Morees

HC Rotterdam

Berend van Eldonk 1
Sijbrand Bolhuis 4
Oliver Polkamp 5
Nick van Trigt 6
Albert Beltran 7
Paul Melkert 8
Simon Egerton 9
Seve van Ass 10
Jeroen Hertzberger 11
Jochem Bakker 12
Sjoerd Gerretsen 13
Thijs van Dam 14
Diede van Puffelen 15
Tjep Hoedemakers 17
Sebas Molkenboer 18
Milan van Baal 19
Derk Meijer 20
Justen Blok 21
Blair Tarrant 22
Nick Catlin 23
Hugo Mann 24
Maurits Hertzberger 25
Joep Zeeman 26
Hidde Turkstra 27
Sjoerd Verhagen 28
Joris van Vliet 29
Mahinder Terlouw 30
Matthijs Frank 31
Sam de Pruijssenaere 32