Match Details

9 - 1
06 Oct 20:30 CET
Pau Negre Stadium, Barcelona


'12 Pau Quemada (7) - PC
'19 Xavier Aguilar (14) - FG
'24 Ben Peterson (24) - PC
'31 Lluís Mercadé (8) - FG
'55 Xavier Aguilar (14) - FG
'60 Pere Arch (18) - FG


'11 Christopher Caldwell

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Match report

Club Egara delighted their home crowd as they picked off Bromac Kelburne with a quartet of field goals and a Pau Quemada corner goal.

Quemada started their run when he fired home from a third corner. Xavi Aguilar then spun brilliantly on a chance from close range, gathering a ball from the left wing beautifully for a 3-0 lead.

Ben Peterson slammed home a corner for Kelburne from a corner to keep them right in the mix with six minutes to go in the first half, 3-1 behind.

But Egara took the game away from them in the second half Lluis Mercade roofing a reverse-stick shot into the top of the goal following a good advantage played by the umpire Tim Meissner.

And the game was killed off with five minutes to go when Aguilar found a route through goalkeeper Rory Kerr for their third goal from play. To add salt into the wounds, Pere Arch tipped in another, making it 9-1 in the final minute.

Egara captain Franc Dinares said of the win: “We are pretty happy; it was a tough game in the beginning but we were moving quite well with the ball and got clear chances. It was a matter of keeping going and finally, we deserved this win.

As for the field-goal situation, he said that even when his side were 5-1 ahead, there was no sense of relaxing, knowing how quick teams can come back.

“It’s a bit confusing right now. It was the first time playing with this rule but we will get used to it fast. 5-1 is not a clear result and they can get back into it quite easily with a couple of goals so you need to be focused all the time.”

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Club Egara

1 Francisco Cortes
4 Josep Farres-Palet
5 Roger Matalonga
6 Josep Novell
7 Pau Quemada
8 Lluís Mercadé
9 Miquel Espi
10 Ignasi Usé
12 Marc Recasens
14 Xavier Aguilar
15 Ignasi Mengibar
18 Pere Arch
20 Marc Garcia
22 Franc Dinarés
23 Pol Gispert
24 Jordi Farrés
25 Joan Gali
26 Joan Torruella
28 Marc Sanroma
29 Jaume Torras
32 Xavier Gispert

Bromac Kelburne

Gary Maitles 2
Michael Nicol 3
Adam Bain 5
Craig Morton 6
Michael Christie 7
Jonathan Christie 10
Joshua Cairns 11
Christopher Nelson 12
Neil McIntyre 14
Iain Scholefield 15
Miles Goldie 16
William McKenzie 17
Findlay Halliday 18
Logan McClure 19
Rory Kerr 22
Ben Peterson 24
Christopher Caldwell 29
Alan Walker 31