Match Details

4 - 5
27 May 15:30 CET
HC Bloemendaal


'4 Antonio Sanz Del Campo (16) - FG
'42 Tjep Hoedemakers (17) - FG
'46 Jeroen Hertzberger (11) - PC
'50 Antonio Sanz Del Campo (16) - FG
'59 Thijs van Dam (14) - FG


'50 Jeroen Hertzberger

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Match report

Rottterdam snatched a last ditch victory in the BRONZE MEDAL match as they won a dramatic battle with Herakles 5-4, a game that swung back and forward at every stage.

The first half was played at an outrageous tempo with golden chances at each end. The first goal was eventually forced in when Toni Sanz del Campo’s second attempt on target in quick succession was touched in via a deflection just four minutes into the game.

Rotterdam surged forward after that and won a corner that Jeroen Hertzberger fired inches wide. A Thijs van Dam deflection at close quarters drew an incredible save from Amaury Timmerman with the bottom edge of his glove at point blank range.

They also needed Anthony van Stratum to clear off the line from another attack in a congested circle. Herakles saw a similar chance go wide, though, when Nico de Kerpel tore down the right wing and escaped the chasing defenders but his cross went agonisingly out of reach of the man in the middle.

The second half seemed a matter of when rather than if Rotterdam would get back on terms. They had a number of corners which Herakles charged down.

Timmermans made a number of great saves but the goal eventually arrived when Tjep Hoedemakers made a great break in midfield, slipping the ball left to Nick Catlin who fired into the middle. Jeroen Hertzberger’s deflection was saved down low but Hoedemakers followed up the chance and gobbled up the rebound.

It made it 2-2 and then just a couple of seconds into the fourth quarter, Rotterdam went into the lead when Hertzberger finally beat the number one runner to pick out the top corner.

But Herakles took a golden gift to get back into the game when a crash ball into the circle was miscontrolled by a defender in the circle and Sanz del Campo reacted quick to control and flick home.

Rotterdam fought back and were back in front with 65 seconds to go, Thijs van Dam spinning to shoot home from the middle of the circle. There was further late drama when Herakles won a corner only for the video review to be turned down and Rotterdam held on for the victory.

Reflecting on a thrilling game, Seve van Ass said afterwards: “We did pretty well. Yesterday was tough for us but we played a solid game and they fought like lions so it was a really good contest. I think we deserved the win in the end but, one minute to go to get the final goal, it’s nice and it was a very exciting game.

“We had to believe in ourselves; we had a lot of penalty corners and we had to believe in ourselves on that front. But we felt we always had pressure on them and in control so I was confident we would get the win but we still had to get the goals and I hoped we would have got it a bit earlier."

It was a game played in front of a sold out crowd, something which van Ass really enjoyed playing in front of.

“To see all the crowds coming again today after our loss yesterday, its shows both sets of fans are really committed and they are still making a lot of noise. It’s beautiful, I really love to play in the EHL because of this.”

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Royal Herakles HC

1 Amaury Timmermans
2 Nick Haig
3 Robert Creffer
4 Marco Donck
5 Tanausu Perez
6 Jacob Smith
7 Cédric Struyf
8 Victor Donck
9 Robin Huybrechs
10 Jeremy Schuermans
11 Fabian Timmermans
12 Nicolas De Kerpel
13 Thibaut Le Paige
14 Jerome Legrand
15 David Hens
16 Antonio Sanz Del Campo
17 Anthony Van Stratum
19 Arthur Da Costa
20 Jeremy Duncan
21 Louis Hottlet
22 Alexis Leclef
23 Gerbo Van Dessel
24 Harold Declercq
25 Amaury Keusters
26 Kevin Sanders
27 Romain Deville
31 Francesco Mitrotta

HC Rotterdam

Berend van Eldonk 1
Sijbrand Bolhuis 4
Oliver Polkamp 5
Nick van Trigt 6
Albert Beltran 7
Paul Melkert 8
Simon Egerton 9
Seve van Ass 10
Jeroen Hertzberger 11
Jochem Bakker 12
Sjoerd Gerretsen 13
Thijs van Dam 14
Diede van Puffelen 15
Tjep Hoedemakers 17
Sebas Molkenboer 18
Milan van Baal 19
Derk Meijer 20
Justen Blok 21
Blair Tarrant 22
Nick Catlin 23
Hugo Mann 24
Maurits Hertzberger 25
Joep Zeeman 26
Hidde Turkstra 27
Sjoerd Verhagen 28
Joris van Vliet 29
Mahinder Terlouw 30
Matthijs Frank 31
Sam de Pruijssenaere 32