Match Details

2 - 2 (5 - 3 SO)
17 Apr 15:15 CET


'13 Gonzalo Peillat (2) - PC
'28 Simon Mantell (9) - PS
'29 Ian Sloan (8) - FG
'55 Jonathan Ehling (9) - FG


'14 Timm Haase
'14 Michael Hoare
'33 Timm Haase
'37 Felix Schües

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Match report

Wimbledon became the first English side to reach the FINAL4 since Reading in 2011 as they beat Mannheimer HC in a shoot-out 5-3 after normal time had ended 2-2.

It continues their incredible journey from the second tier of the English league structure to back-to-back national titles and now a place in the EHL FINAL4 in Dragons on June 3 and 4.

In this tie, Mannheimer drew first blood, breaking the deadlock when Gonzalo Peillat scored his first goal of the weekend with a low rocket of a corner in the 13th minute. They made the best of the opening quarter but Wimbledon roared back into contention in the second quarter, swapping around the advantage.

Simon Mantell equalised from the penalty spot after Phil Ball’s initial shot hit Patrick Harris’s body en route to the goal – after a video review, it was adjudged to have been going toward goal and not wide as initially thought.

Just a minute later, Phil Roper – the KO16 hero – stormed forward from midfield and picked out Ian Sloan on the left of the circle. He worked the ball onto his open side and aimed to cross for the two Wimbledon players waiting at the right post but a Mannheimer defender got their first and he turned the ball in by Jan-Philipp Fischer.

John Kinder almost stole in for an improbable third goal when he almost robbed the ball from around the back of goalkeeper Andreas Spack and they also held on in the closing quarter as Danny Nguyen saved off the line from a Simon Mantell corner flick.

Those saves proved key as Mannheimer fought back and were level at 2-2 with five minutes to go when Jonathan Ehling got on the end of a crash ball from Thomas Prochazka into the circle.

But Wimbledon produced a perfect five from five in the shoot-out before James Bailey kept out Maximilian Neumann in the third round to carry the day.



1 Oliver Meyer-Bothling
2 James Bailey
3 Benjamin Arnold
5 Peter Friend
6 Henry Weir
7 Peter Millar
8 Ian Sloan
9 Simon Mantell
10 Steven Ebbers
12 Peter Small
12 Michael Hoare
15 Phillip Roper
17 Phillip Ball
18 Gareth Hall
20 Christopher Gregg
21 Borja Llorens
22 Nathaneal Stewart
24 Ben Tibble
28 Gordon McIntyre
32 John Kinder

Mannheimer HC

Andreas Späck 1
Gonzalo Peillat 2
Christopher Held 3
Lukas Stumpf 4
Tomas Prochazka 5
Teo Hinrichs 6
Tino Nguyen 7
Philipp Huber 8
Jonathan Ehling 9
Paul Zmyslony 13
Frederik Hillmann 14
Rhett Halkett 15
Luca Müller 16
Patrick Harris 17
Felix Schües 19
Danny Nguyen 22
Jan-Philipp Fischer 23
Maximilian Neumann 24
Florian Woesch 25
Guido Barreiros 26
Timm Haase 27
Johannes Laich 29
Jonas Verest 31