Match Details

3 - 2
15 Apr 17:00 CET


'8 Boris Burkhardt (3) - FG
'29 Agustin Mazzilli (30) - FG
'29 Agustin Mazzilli (30) - FG
'35 Mink van der Weerden (11) - PC
'44 Justin Reid-Ross (25) - PC


'11 Jelle Galema
'22 Joep de Mol
'27 Valentin Verga
'40 Johannes Mooij
'48 Joep de Mol

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Match report

Agustin Mazzilli’s pairs of goals in the 29th minute saw HC Oranje Rood delight a capacity home crowd of 5,500 fans as they beat AH&BC Amsterdam 3-2 to advance to the KO8.

Amsterdam drew first blood when Boris Burkhardt got a shot off from the right hand of the circle and it had the speed to beat Pimin Blaak from a tight angle.

Oranje-Rood – and Mazzilli in particular – swapped the lead around, though, in devastating fashion with two goals in the 29th minute. The first was a touch to Rob van der Horst’s right wing cross following a lovely piece of skill.

The second was the last leg of a brilliant end-to-end move, starting with a tackle inside their own circle. From there, Oranje-Rood worked the ball all the way up to Bob de Voogd who crossed from the left side on his backhand for Mazzilli to score yet again.

Mink van der Weerden saw a series of first half penalty corners blocked down by the Amsterdam defence but he powered through a third goal for the Eindhoven club with a drag-flick.

Justin Reid-Ross replied in kind with a thunderous drag for 3-2 in the 44th minute to get Amsterdam back in the running and his side fought hard for the equalising goal with Mirco Pruyser and Billy Bakker spurning chances as Oranje-Rood set up a date with Atletic Terrassa on Monday at 15.30 (CET).


HC Oranje-Rood

2 Sander van Berkel
6 Rashid Mehmood
7 Rizwan Muhammad
8 Joep de Mol
9 Jelle Galema
11 Mink van der Weerden
12 Gijs van Merriënboer
13 Benjamin Stanzl
14 Niek van der Schoot
15 Caspar van Dijk
16 Mark Rijkers
17 Teun Beins
18 Rob Reckers
19 Bob de Voogd
22 Milan van Baal
23 Jaïr van der Horst
24 Robert van der Horst
25 Bram Huijbregts
26 Pirmin Blaak
29 Thijs Maartens
30 Agustin Mazzilli
31 Mark Jenniskens
32 Hugo Dekkers

AH&BC Amsterdam

Boris Burkhardt 3
Klaas Vermeulen 4
Niek Merkus 5
Sander 't Hart 6
Jan-Willem Buissant 7
Billy Bakker 8
Max Sweering 9
Mirco Pruijser 10
Robert Tigges 11
Valentin Verga 12
Nicki Leijs 14
Johannes Mooij 18
Laurens Goedegebuure 19
Tijn Lissone 20
Teun Rohof 21
Jan de Wijkerslooth 22
Roderic Schwirtz 23
Justin Reid-Ross 25
Fergus Kavanagh 31