Match Details


'2 David Alegre (10) - FG
'32 Alex Casasayas (9) - FG
'33 Alex Casasayas (9) - FG
'43 Alex Casasayas (9) - FG
'51 David Alegre (10) - FG
'58 Alex Reyne (2) - FG


'18 David Alegre
'27 Lucas Vila
'32 Paweł Bratkowski
'38 Waldemar Rataj
'50 Sander Baart
'53 Paweł Bratkowski

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Match report

Real Club de Polo eased into the KO8 with a comprehensive 6-0 win over WKS Grunwald Poznan with Alex Casasayas scoring a hat trick in the victory.

David Alegre got the Barcelona side firing straight away with a tip in from close range from a slightly miscued Casasayas shot. That was the only goal of the first half as the Polish champions enjoyed a better second quarter, creating a couple of good chances.

But two goals within a minute in the second half with Casasayas tapping in at the back post. He then smashed in on the reverse to build a 3-0 lead. Lucas Vilas was the inspiration for the fourth goal that well and truly killed off the tie, beating a series of players before flicking to the right post where Casasayas finished the job.

Alegre netted the fifth goal courtesy of a huge deflection and Alex Reyne added yet another in the closing stages for 6-0.


WKS Grunwald Poznan

1 Mateusz Popiołkowski
2 Paweł Bratkowski
5 Szymon Hutek
7 Robert Grzeszczak
9 Mateusz Poltaszewski
10 Tomasz Dutkiewicz
12 Mirosław Kluczynski
15 Mateusz Hulboj
16 Waldemar Rataj
18 Artur Mikula
19 Tomasz Marcinkowski
22 Karol Majchrzak
23 Piotr Kozlowski
25 Adrian Krokosz
26 Michał Kasprzyk
29 Michal Poltaszewski
30 Mariusz Chyla

Real Club de Polo

Mario Fernandez 1
Alex Reyne 2
Pablo de Abadal 4
Miguel Masana 6
Manel Bordas 7
Alex Casasayas 9
David Alegre 10
Javier Cabot 11
Lucas Vila 12
Llorenç Piera 13
Francisco Cavaller 14
Guillermo Chaves 15
Enrique Herrera 16
Xavier Lleonart 17
Pedro Ibarra 19
Sander Baart 21
Matias Rey 22
Gonzalo Coll 23
Alvaro Turull 24
Marcos Giralt 26
Tomás Terradas 27
Javier Uriach 28
Xavier Mitats 30
Salvador Armenteras 32