Match Details

2 - 1
08 Oct 19:00 CET
Banbridge (IRL)


'21 Samuel Ward (13) - FG
'37 Sander de Wijn (12) - PC
'55 Sander de Wijn (12) - FG


'33 Floris de Ridder
'33 Richard Lane
'43 Jonty Robinson
'56 Lars Balk

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Match report

Sander de Wijn’s second half double saw reigning champions SV Kampong overcome a first half deficit that could have seen them eliminated, bouncing back to win 2-1 against Holcombe.

The English side were forced to absorb a huge amount of pressure throughout the tie but they were the side to draw first blood. Sam Ward pounced on a loose ball after a Dan Fox crash ball fell to Nick Bandurak whose shot was saved into the striker’s path.

And the English side held that lead through to the half-time break with a determined defensive effort with Dan Fox underpinning things. Plenty more chances came and went for the Dutch side before they eventually got on the board, a corner shot breaking to Sander de Wijn off a George Pinner save and he nudged home the rebound.

Holcombe, knowing a win would see them advance, advanced in the final quarter and created some of their own openings with Barry Middleton to the fore. But it was de Wijn once more who stole the show when a long corner was worked his way. He peeled off to the left and unleashed a vicious backhand shot to win the day.


SV Kampong

1 David Harte
3 Sjoerd de Wert
4 Jip Janssen
6 Lars Balk
7 Erik Bouwens
9 Quirijn Caspers
10 Constantijn Jonker
11 Bjorn Kellerman
12 Sander de Wijn
13 Salva Piera
14 Robbert Kemperman
16 Floris de Ridder
17 Boet Phijffer
18 Casper Roelofs
20 Philip Meulenbroek
21 Dylan Vermeij
22 Martijn Havenga
23 Pepijn Luijkx
24 Jasper Luijkx
25 Hidde Brink
26 Teun Kropholler
28 Niek Hendriks
29 Rutger Marres
30 David Wolff

Holcombe HC

George Pinner 1
Martin Robbins 2
Josh Skillern 3
James Day 4
Daniel Fox 5
Nicholas Bandurak 6
Gareth Andrew 7
Jonty Robinson 8
Iain Lewers 10
James Stedman 11
Alistair Bray 12
Samuel Ward 13
Thomas Moore 14
Luke Smithard 15
Robert Field 16
Harry Trusler 17
Barry Middleton 18
Aaronvir Cheema 21
Richard Lane 22
Adam Cook 24
Thomas O'Keeffe 25
Andrew Perkins 30
Sean Parker 32