Match Details

4 - 3
07 Oct 18:15 CET
Banbridge (IRL)


'9 Glenn Turner (4) - FG
'15 Arthur Verdussen (7) - FG
'29 Maxime Plennevaux (15) - PS
'40 Hugo Genestet (7) - PS
'42 Arthur Verdussen (7) - PC
'51 Hugo Genestet (7) - PC
'57 Martin Genestet (22) - FG


'17 Dorian Thiéry
'24 Tom Genestet
'29 Guillaume Deront
'37 Dimitri Cuvelier
'38 Fréderic Gohlke
'49 Dimitri Cuvelier

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Match report

Royal Leopold just about saw off a huge challenge from Saint Germain to get their EHL Pool C campaign up and running with a 4-3 win.

After a rip-roaring opening, in which Saint Germain made a number of big chances, Leo burst their bubble with a devastating counter-attack. Dorian Thiery broke out of defence before playing into the path of Arthur Verdussen who left Glenn Turner with the simple task of tapping in.

Dimitri Cuvelier then laid on the second for Verdussen, a backhand cross that the scorer did well to get in front of his man to chip over Martin Zylbermann.

Maxine Plennevaux scored a third goal before half-time from the penalty spot after an unceremonious shove on a striker in shooting mode; 3-0 at half-time.

Hugo Genestet tried to start the comeback with a stroke of his own, awarded in similar circumstances, in the 40th minute, but Verdussen’s second goal seemed to have put the game to bed at 4-1 with just 18 minutes to go.

But Genestet fired in a low corner to make things interesting and, with more and more sustained pressure, Saint Germain were right back in the mix with six minutes to go when Martin Genestet got on the end of a right wing cross.

It set up a tense closing phase but Leo kept their calm and prevailed for a 4-3 win.


Royal Leopold

1 Lionel Geuzen
2 Dorian Thiéry
3 Romain Henet
4 Glenn Turner
5 John-John Dupont
6 Dylan Englebert
7 Arthur Verdussen
9 John Verdussen
10 Dimitri Cuvelier
12 Corentin Detrez
13 Nicolas Poncelet
14 Tanguy Zimmer
15 Maxime Plennevaux
17 Jerome Verdussen
18 Louis Decock
19 Amaury Peeters
20 Martin De Bruyne
21 Francois Sior
22 Julien Plennevaux
23 Alexis Lemaire
24 Archibald de Kepper
26 Vincent Deneumostier
27 Lewis Eaton
29 Elliot Van Strydonck

Saint Germain HC

Grégoire Samson 2
Joris Harou 3
Guillaume Samson 4
Guillaume Deront 5
Loïs Sevestre 6
Hugo Genestet 7
Pierre-Louis Verrier 9
Frédéric Verrier 10
Louis Goyet 11
Oliver Rockall 12
Fréderic Gohlke 14
Fabien Pourcelet 15
William-Ike Jeammot 16
Mathias Brachet 17
Martin Genestet 22
Victor Besançon 23
Tom Genestet 24
Thomas Pauchet 25
Blaise Rogeau 26
Kevin Mercurio 27
François Goyet 28
Franck Thievin 29
Martin Zylbermann 30
Julien Thamin 31
Romain Megnegneau 32