Match Details

3 - 1
07 Oct 13:45 CET
Banbridge (IRL)


'24 William McKenzie (17) - FG
'38 Jonas Nommensen (20) - FG
'53 Joshua Cairns (11) - PC
'57 Timur Nikolaev (14) - PC


'30 Adnan Maqsood

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Match report

Bromac Kelburne showed a clinical edge to see off Dinamo Kazan and give themselves a major shot at reaching the KO16 when they meet UHC Hamburg.

After a couple of early Kazan corners – one of which hit the base of the post from an Almaz Kurbanov switch-flick – Kelburne bounced back to hit the front in the 24th minute.

Iain Scholefield’s run drove at the heart of the Russian defence before the ball slipped across the circle to the right where McKenzie spun around and thumped home.

And they had major chances to extend the lead, first when Chris Nelson’s reverse hit the post and, next, when Josh Cairns saw his penalty stroke rebound off the frame of the goal too.

The second eventually came via Jonas Nommensen, using his German indoor-style skills to spin and push home from mid-circle after McKenzie had drawn a save from Marat Gafarov.

Kazan continued to press forward, winning several corners, but Kelburne kept scoring from their fewer chances. Cairns whipped home a penalty corner for a 3-0 advantage in the 53rd minute.

Timur Nikolaev got one back from the injector’s spot from a corner but it was too late to threaten getting anything other than a losing bonus point.


Bromac Kelburne

1 Mark Fulton
2 Gary Maitles
3 Michael Nicol
4 Ryan Holding
5 Adam Bain
6 Craig Morton
7 Lee Morton
8 Michael Christie
10 Jonathan Christie
11 Joshua Cairns
12 Christopher Nelson
13 Jonathan Barlow
14 Neil McIntyre
15 Iain Scholefield
16 Miles Goldie
17 William McKenzie
18 Findlay Halliday
19 Nick Finlayson
20 Jonas Nommensen
22 Rory Kerr
23 Harry Godfrey
24 Ben Peterson
25 Ross Wallace
26 Fraser Hutcheson
31 Douglas McEwan

Dinamo Kazan

Andrey Serebriakov 1
Andrey Isaev 2
Airat Mukhametov 3
Dmitrii Salov 4
Denis Shchipachev 5
Igor Siniagin 7
Ravshanzhon Zakirov 8
Aleksei Kuzmin 9
Adnan Maqsood 10
Linar Fattakhov 11
Anton Kornilov 12
Aleksandr Siuskin 13
Timur Nikolaev 14
Pavel Golubev 15
Almaz Kurbanov 17
Aleksei Maiorov 19
Marat Gafarov 22
Aleksandr Korolev 23
Nikolay Yankun 27
Ilfat Zamalutdinov 28
Nikolay Komarov 29