Match Details

2 - 7
25 Mar 13:45 CET


'14 Guillermo Garcia (9) - FG
'17 Waldemar Rataj (16) - FG
'30 Tomasz Dutkiewicz (10) - PC
'47 Tom Genestet (24) - PC
'49 Guillaume Deront (4) - FG
'53 Tommy Willems (20) - FG
'55 Tom Degroote (13) - PC
'56 Tommy Willems (20) - FG
'57 Fabrice Bourdeaud'hui (18) - FG


'37 Pierre-Louis Maraite
'45 Waldemar Rataj

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Match report

KO16 –KHC Leuven 7 (T Willems 2, T De Groote, G Garcia, G
Deront, T Genestet, F  Bourdeaud’hui) WKS
Grunwald Poznan 2 (W Rataj, T Dutkiewicz)

Six final quarter goals saw KHC Leuven bounce back to beat
WKS Grunwald Poznan and reach the KO8 on their return to the EHL after six
years away.
They looked in trouble, though, as they trailed 2-1 at the
three quarter mark to a spectacular Waldemar Rataj effort and a drag-flick from
Tomasz Dutkiewicz after Guillermo Garcia’s brilliant opening goal.
It was a thing of beauty, twisting out of a tackle before
unleashing a reverse stick shot to the top corner. Rataj equalised when
Dutkiewicz launched a 70m pass to him in the circle and he guided past Julien
Schoo Lans first time to make it 1-1 before Pozan went ahead with the last
touch of the half.
Poznan clung on to their narrow lead for the third quarter.
But Leuven went ballistic in the final quarter with Tom Genestet finally
equalising in the 47th minute. It start a run of six goals in ten
minutes with Guillaume Deront thrashing in the third goal before Tom De Groote,
two from Tommy Willems and one from Fabrice Bourdeaud’hui flipped the game on
its head.

Image Credit: Euro Hockey League/Frank
Uijlenbroek. This image may not be reproduced without the explicit permission
of the EHL or the photographer.


WKS Grunwald Poznan

1 Mateusz Popiołkowski
2 Paweł Bratkowski
5 Szymon Hutek
7 Robert Grzeszczak
8 Muhammad Mustafa
9 Mateusz Poltaszewski
10 Tomasz Dutkiewicz
11 Maciej Wejerowski
12 Mirosław Kluczynski
13 Tomasz Wachowiak
16 Waldemar Rataj
19 Tomasz Marcinkowski
22 Karol Majchrzak
23 Piotr Kozlowski
25 Adrian Krokosz
26 Michał Kasprzyk
29 Michal Poltaszewski
30 Mariusz Chyla

KHC Leuven

Alfonso Moreno 1
Alfonso Alvarez 3
Guillaume Deront 4
Pau Quemada 7
Sasha De Groote 8
Guillermo Garcia 9
Pierre-Louis Maraite 10
Julien Schoo 11
Lucas Sevestre 12
Tom Degroote 13
Audry Renaer 14
Ricardo Santana 15
Nicolas Georgis 17
Fabrice Bourdeaud'hui 18
Tommy Willems 20
Louis Willems 22
Renaud Pangrazio 23
Tom Genestet 24
Hugo Genestet 25