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'7 Jorge Dabanch (11) - FG
'13 Luca Angius (19) - FG
'18 Jorge Dabanch (11) - PC
'25 Jorge Dabanch (11) - FG
'36 Jorge Dabanch (11) - PC
'39 Scott Van Strydonck (32) - FG
'48 Luca Angius (19) - FG
'50 Tanguy Zimmer (14) - PC
'53 Jorge Dabanch (11) - PC
'54 Gabriele Murgia (23) - PC
'56 Jorge Dabanch (11) - FG
'57 Jorge Dabanch (11) - PC


'12 Davide Lugas
'24 Lorenzo Asuni

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Match report

Gabriel Dabanch’s seven goals put Royal Leopold on course for
a comfortable 9-3 win over SG Amsicora, setting up a Pool C showdown with
Dinamo Elektrostal for top spot and a ticket to the KO16.
His goals saw the Belgian side overcome their Italian
opposition who showed some initial promise, equalising at 1-1 through Luca
Angius in the first quarter.
But Dabanch quickly helped his side race clear and they
never looked in danger after that. The Spaniard – an EHL winner last year with
Oranje Zwart – got Leo off to a great start from turnover ball, smashing the
ball past Marcello Manca from close range.
Angius equalised soon after, though, when he controlled a
crash ball at the left post and shot with his second touch, bouncing off both
posts before the ball dropped over the line.
But Leopold were in no mood to let this affect their
mentality. Dabanch ripped in a second goal from a corner before Tanguy Zimmer
hit the post from a rebound.
Dabanch’s innovative behind the back shot extended the lead
to 3-1 at half-time and his second corner flick, high over Manca’s head,
stretched the advantage further. Scott van Strydonck’s powerful flick made it
5-1 by three quarter time.
Angius pulled another one back early in the final stanza
before Zimmer and Dabanch corner goals extended the lead once more, moving to 7-3.
Amsicora were not done, though, and got another back via Gabriele
Murgia with a low drag-flick. Dabanch’s close range finish and another drag-flick completed the rout.

Image Credit: Euro Hockey League/Frank Uijlenbroek. This image may not be reproduced without the explicit permission of the EHL or the photographer.


Royal Leopold

3 Romain Henet
5 Martin De Bruyne
7 Arthur Verdussen
8 Gaston Golstein
9 John Verdussen
10 Dimitri Cuvelier
11 Jorge Dabanch
12 Corentin De Trez
13 Nicolas Poncelet
14 Tanguy Zimmer
15 Maxime Plennevaux
19 Nicolas Henet
20 Thibaud Van der Putten
21 Amaury Peeters
22 Julien Plennevaux
25 Nicolas Tilmant
29 Elliot Van Strydonck
30 Agustin Mazzilli
32 Scott Van Strydonck

SG Amsicora ASD

Lorenzo Asuni 1
Antonio Polo 2
Federico Lai 3
Luca Lixi 4
Mariano Tisera 6
Giaime Carta 7
Mario Cannas 8
Nicola Carta 10
Fabio Mureddu 11
Marcello Manca 12
Richard Kotrc 13
Bruno Mura 14
Mattia Magno 17
Luca Angius 19
Davide Lugas 22
Gabriele Murgia 23
Andrea Giustini 28
Fabio Palla 32