Match Details


'11 Dimitri Cuvelier (10) - FG
'33 Agustin Mazzilli (30) - FG
'57 Jorge Dabanch (11) - FG


'42 Julien Plennevaux

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Match report

Royal Leopold confirmed their place in the KO16 with a 3-0
win over Dinamo Elektrostal, winning Round 1 Pool C though they had it far from
their own way.
In the end, goals from Dimitri Cuvelier, Agustin Mazzilli
and Gabriel Dabanch proved the difference from a game they only needed a draw
to advance. Elektrostal made a series of big chances in the closing 20 minutes
but Leo’s corner defence held firm to see out the result.
Cuvelier broke the deadlock in the 11th minute
with an excellent driving run from midfield that opened the door for a powerful
shot from the top of the circle.
Roman Rogov made some big saves to keep it that way until
half-time and Mazzilli extended the advantage early in the second half with
another powerful shot, beating Rogov’s left hand.
Needing victory, Elektrostal piled forward and created a
number of good chances with Dimitry Azarov seeing a series of drag-flicks saved
off the line by John Verdussen and Nicolas Poncelet while Julien Plennevaux was serving a ten-minute
Dinamo had a goal disallowed on video review soon after but
their hopes were dashed when Gabriel Dabanch sniffed a chance and flicked over
the goalkeeper to make it 3-0.

Image Credit: Euro Hockey League/Frank Uijlenbroek. This image may not be reproduced without the explicit permission of the EHL or the photographer.


Royal Leopold

3 Romain Henet
5 Martin De Bruyne
7 Arthur Verdussen
8 Gaston Golstein
9 John Verdussen
10 Dimitri Cuvelier
11 Jorge Dabanch
12 Corentin De Trez
13 Nicolas Poncelet
14 Tanguy Zimmer
15 Maxime Plennevaux
19 Nicolas Henet
20 Thibaud Van der Putten
21 Amaury Peeters
22 Julien Plennevaux
25 Nicolas Tilmant
29 Elliot Van Strydonck
30 Agustin Mazzilli
32 Scott Van Strydonck

Dinamo Elektrostal

Evgenii Mokrousov 2
Evgeny Artemov 3
Dmitrii Kuraev 4
Mikhail Proskuriakov 5
Aleksandr Cherenkov 6
Alexander Zhirkov 7
Georgii Arusiia 8
Ilya Larikov 9
Alexei Godenkov 10
Marat Khairullin 14
Sergey Lepeshkin 15
Andrey Kuraev 17
Roman Rogov 18
Iaroslav Loginov 19
Dmitrii Azarov 21
Dmitry Popolitov 22
Dmitry Laptev 23
Alexander Platonov 30