Match Details

5 - 3
25 Mar 16:00 CET


'5 Marco Miltkau (22) - FG
'5 Christopher Rühr (17) - FG
'6 Florian Fuchs (23) - FG
'26 Mats Grambusch (3) - FG
'29 Moritz Fürste (21) - PC
'32 Marco Miltkau (22) - FG
'34 Jonas Fürste (9) - FG
'46 Marco Miltkau (22) - FG


'12 Oliver Korn
'28 Henning Hüttermann

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Match report

EHL KO16 – Rot Weiss Köln 5 (M Miltkau 3, C Rühr,
M Grambusch) UHC Hamburg 3 (M Fürste, J Fürste)

Rot Weiss Köln won a simply stunning all-German
tussle with Marco Miltkau scoring a hat trick in their 5-3 victory in the
second KO16 game.
Rot Weiss got off to the dream start with Christopher Rühr
in glorious form, playing on the pass for Marc Miltkau to score a glorious
first goal. Rühr doubled the lead in the fifth with an impudent finish on
the run for 2-0 but any chance this would an easy tie was wiped out quickly.
Florian Fuchs, with an audacious turn off the baseline,
pulled one back for UHC barely a minute later. Mats Grambusch and Moritz Fürste
traded goals to move the half-time score up to 3-2 in Rot Weiss’s favour.
Miltkau’s brilliant second goal on the backhand extended the
lead to 4-2 but, once again, UHC responded with Jonas Fürste with a mid circle bunt.
Miltkau completed his hat trick in the 46th minute when Rühr,
once again, placed a perfect cross into his path and the forward touched home
at the near post.And they held that lead in a frantic final quarter, eliminating three time champions UHC and advancing to a KO8 date with either SV Kampong or Racing Club de France.

Image Credit: Euro Hockey League/Frank
Uijlenbroek. This image may not be reproduced without the explicit permission
of the EHL or the photographer.


Rot Weiss Koln

3 Mats Grambusch
4 Tom Grambusch
6 Joshua Delarber
7 Alexander Schöllkopf
8 Florian Adrians
9 Florian Scholten
10 Moritz Trompertz
11 Christoph Menke
13 Henning Hüttermann
14 Martin Chorus
16 Hendrik Schwarzer
17 Christopher Rühr
20 Marcel Meurer
22 Marco Miltkau
23 Timur Oruz
25 Philipp Zeller
27 Mathias Müller
30 Victor Aly
32 Peter Schlich

UHC Hamburg

Nicolas Jacobi 1
Tino Teschke 4
Moritz Polk 6
Ricardo Nevado 7
Jonas Fürste 9
Max Kapaun 10
Leopold Harms 11
Philip Witte 13
Jan-Philipp Rabente 14
Carl Alt 15
Pilt Arnold 16
Oliver Korn 18
Ken Gorny 20
Moritz Fürste 21
Dominic Giskes 22
Florian Fuchs 23
Gian Graffitti 26
Philip Schmid 30
Thomas Morrice 31
Niklas Bruns 32