Match Details

6 - 1
09 Oct 19:00 CET


'2 Michael Körper (9) - PC
'21 Michael Körper (9) - FG
'25 Brendan Creed (6) - PC
'27 Nicholas Spooner (23) - PC
'40 Nicholas Spooner (23) - FG
'44 Leon Willemsen (11) - FG
'53 Todd Harmsworth (5) - FG


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Match report

Home hosts Harvestehuder THC offered Scottish champions
Grange little home hospitality as they ran up a huge 6-1 win to give them the
early advantage in Pool B of the Euro Hockey League Round 1 in Hamburg.
They were dominant from the moment Michael Körper opened the
deadlock in the third minute with a rocket of a penalty corner goal. The
Austrian forward then volleyed home a bouncing ball for a 2-0 lea.
Brendan Creed fired home a corner rebound after Tobias Hauke
had seen his shot saved by Sean Hadfield. Nick Spooner completed the first half
scoring with a simple finish into an open goal.
Spooner got an awesome touch to Creed’s brilliant cross from
the right wing. Leon Willemsen added the sixth from close range for 6-0 before
Todd Harmsworth got one back for the Scottish side with a delightul deflection
to Andrew Campbell’s pass.
Grange will meet debutants HC Wien on Saturday before
Harvestehuder play Wien on Sunday.
Image Credit: Euro Hockey League/Frank Uijlenbroek. This image may not be reproduced without the explicit permission of the EHL or the photographer.


Harvestehuder THC

2 Kilian Pöhling
3 Felix Mathes
4 Paul Pongs
6 Brendan Creed
7 Jan Heuer
8 David Goodfield
9 Michael Körper
10 Tobias Lietz
11 Leon Willemsen
12 Anton Pöhling
13 Tobias Hauke
14 Sebastian Feller
15 George Farrant
16 Jacob Kobabe
17 Finn Köhler
18 Tim Linsmeier
22 Tim Lederbach
23 Nicholas Spooner
24 Tobias Walter
25 Max Cordes
27 Xaver Hasun

Grange HC

Sean Hadfield 1
Arin Doig 3
Todd Harmsworth 5
Gregory Hopkinson 6
Cameron Fraser 7
Ryan Holding 8
Callum Milne 9
Alisdair Irvine 10
Andrew Campbell 11
Todd Mills 12
Frank Ryan 15
Jonathan Baird 16
Ryan McCurry 19
Michael Fenelon 20
Joe Waterston 21
Andy Graham 23
Alan Thom 24
Alistair Middleton 26