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'15 Dmitrii Azarov (21) - PC
'16 Dmitrii Azarov (21) - FG
'17 Andrey Kuraev (17) - FG
'28 Dmitrii Azarov (21) - PC
'41 Evgenii Mokrousov (2) - FG
'43 Luca Angius (19) - FG
'58 Andrey Kuraev (17) - FG


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Match report

Dinamo Elektrostal cruised to a strong opening victory over
SG Amsicora with Dmitry Azarov’s hat trick under-pinning a 6-1 success in the
first Round 1 game in Hamburg.
He fired home three times in the first half to set up the
success, scoring two corners along with a delightful baseline shimmy to build a
4-0 lead.

Andrey Kuraev got the other one before half-time with an
exceptionally brave goal, diving onto the ball to tip in before colliding with
the goal-post.
Evgueny Mokrousov extended the lead out to 5-0 with a low
rocket through Marcello Manca.
Amsicora got one back with their first ever EHL goal when
Luca Angius volleyed home a spectacular effort in the 44th minute.
But Kuraev closed out the victory with another smart finish
to record their 6-1 win. Amsicora will play their second match on Saturday
against Royal Leopold while the Russians meet Leo on Sunday in what looks the decisive
group game.

Image Credit: Euro Hockey League/Frank Uijlenbroek. This image may not be reproduced without the explicit permission of the EHL or the photographer.


Dinamo Elektrostal

2 Evgenii Mokrousov
3 Evgeny Artemov
4 Dmitrii Kuraev
5 Mikhail Proskuriakov
6 Aleksandr Cherenkov
7 Alexander Zhirkov
8 Georgii Arusiia
9 Ilya Larikov
10 Alexei Godenkov
14 Marat Khairullin
15 Sergey Lepeshkin
17 Andrey Kuraev
18 Roman Rogov
19 Iaroslav Loginov
21 Dmitrii Azarov
22 Dmitry Popolitov
23 Dmitry Laptev
30 Alexander Platonov

SG Amsicora ASD

Lorenzo Asuni 1
Antonio Polo 2
Federico Lai 3
Luca Lixi 4
Mariano Tisera 6
Giaime Carta 7
Mario Cannas 8
Nicola Carta 10
Fabio Mureddu 11
Marcello Manca 12
Richard Kotrc 13
Bruno Mura 14
Mattia Magno 17
Luca Angius 19
Davide Lugas 22
Gabriele Murgia 23
Andrea Giustini 28
Fabio Palla 32