Match Details

0 - 2
15 May 16:00 CET


'35 Quirijn Caspers (9) - FG
'59 Constantijn Jonker (10) - FG


'15 Erik Bouwens
'30 Bjorn Kellerman
'30 Klaas Vermeulen
'30 Constantijn Jonker
'34 Klaas Vermeulen
'39 Martijn Havenga
'40 Santiago Freixa

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AH&BC Amsterdam 0 SV Kampong 2 (Q Caspers, B Kellerman)

Glorious second half goals from Quirijn Caspers and Bjorn Kellerman saw SV Kampong win the EHL for the first time with a gritty GRAND FINAL win over AH&BC Amsterdam.
The first half was toe-to-toe, nip and tuck with neither side giving an inch. It led to a battle with few chances of real note. Mirco Pruyser’s shot was straight at David Harte while Erik Bouwens flashed a shot across the face of goal from the pick of the chances.
Santi Freixa’s clever snap shot also slipped by the post and Martijn Havenga’s drag-flick was denied by Laurens Goedegebuure from the chances that did come.
There was always plenty of bite to the tie and four green cards were dished out before half-time, showing the game was balanced on a knife-edge but no goals accrued before the half-time break as Amsterdam missed the work-rate and invention of the injured Valentin Verga.
The tempo and the temperature ramped up in the second half with Amsterdam winning their first two corners but Sander de Wijn charged down
one effort from Justin Reid-Ross and Sjoerd de Wert knocked the other one off the line.
And the game-breaking goal came soon after Klaas Vermeulen was shown a yellow card. Within a minute, Kellerman picked up the ball on the left sideline and unleashed a brilliant 50-metre reverse-stick pass up to
Quirijn Caspers on the edge of the circle. His finish was delicious, chipping
the ball over the goalkeeper’s shoulder.
Bouwens and Rutger Marres drew good saves from Goedegebuure who pushed the pace in spite of Martijn Havenga’s yellow card. Santi Freixa saw the third yellow of the quarter to make it ten players each, however.
Amsterdam had their chances in the closing five minutes, Teun Rohof unable to gobble up a corner chance from a square pass while another chance bounced off the post from Jan-Willem Buissant.
But the game was won with two minutes left when Bjorn Kellerman and Constantijn Jonker exchanged some beautiful passes to allow the former to volley home en route to the man of the match title.

Image Credit: Euro Hockey League/Frank Uijlenbroek. This image may not be reproduced without the explicit permission
of the EHL or the photographer.

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AH&BC Amsterdam

3 Wouter Rens
4 Klaas Vermeulen
5 Niek Merkus
7 Jan-Willem Buissant
8 Billy Bakker
9 Max Sweering
10 Mirco Pruijser
11 Robert Tigges
12 Valentin Verga
13 Kenneth Bain
14 Nicholas Leijs
18 Johannes Mooij
19 Laurens Goedegebuure
20 Santiago Freixa
21 Teun Rohof
22 Michael Schnoeckel
25 Justin Reid-Ross

SV Kampong

David Harte 1
Bram Ouendag 2
Sjoerd de Wert 3
Lars Balk 6
Erik Bouwens 7
Quirijn Caspers 9
Constantijn Jonker 10
Bjorn Kellerman 11
Sander de Wijn 12
Ramón Alegre 13
Robbert Kemperman 14
Boet Phijffer 17
Philip Meulenbroek 20
Dylan Vermeij 21
Martijn Havenga 22
Pepijn Luijkx 23
Jip Janssen 27
Rutger Marres 29