Match Details


'3 Sander 't Hart (6) - FG
'34 Valentin Verga (12) - FG
'45 Valentin Verga (12) - PS
'55 Sander 't Hart (6) - FG


'15 Valentin Verga
'41 Pierre-Louis Verrier
'52 Grégoire Samson

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Match report

Amsterdam cruised into the KO16 with confident display
against Saint Germain, winning 4-0 to top Round 1 Pool A with something to spare.
Saint Germain’s defence meant that it was never likely to be
a similar scoreline to Saturday’s 19-2 rout over Pomorzanin Torun but they
existed only on scraps of attack as the Dutch giants always had the key cards
in the deck.
It took just two and a half minutes to get the scoreboard
ticking from a quite brilliant counter-attack, Sander ’t Hart diving onto a
first time pass from the left wing.
Saint Germain, though, did well to parry a wave of attacks
with Billy Bakker, Kenny Bain and Robert Tigges all denied from major chances.
Valentin Verga, though, extinguished hopes of a Saint
Germain surprise when he finished off a backhand chance from the left of the
circle and then converted a penalty stroke for 3-0. ’t Hart grabbed the fourth
goal with five minutes to go to close out the win.

Image Credit: Euro Hockey League/Frank Uijlenbroek. This image may not be reproduced without the explicit permission of the EHL or the photographer.


AH&BC Amsterdam

3 Wouter Rens
4 Klaas Vermeulen
5 Niek Merkus
6 Sander 't Hart
7 Jan-Willem Buissant
8 Billy Bakker
9 Max Sweering
10 Mirco Pruijser
11 Robert Tigges
12 Valentin Verga
13 Kenneth Bain
14 Nicholas Leijs
18 Johannes Mooij
19 Laurens Goedegebuure
21 Teun Rohof
22 Michael Schnoeckel
25 Justin Reid-Ross
30 Jasper Brand

Saint Germain HC

Julien Thamin 1
Joris Harou 3
Guillaume Samson 4
Pierre-Louis Verrier 9
Frédéric Verrier 10
Louis Goyet 11
Jean-Baptiste Pauchet 12
Fréderic Gohlke 14
William-Ike Jeammot 16
Mathias Brachet 17
Baptiste Rogeau 18
Grégoire Samson 19
Oliver Rockall 21
Xavier Stumm 24
Thomas Pauchet 25
Blaise Rogeau 26
Kevin Mercurio 27
François Goyet 28
Romain Megnegneau 32