CAM92 the men’s favourites on French finals weekend

CAM92 look like the side to beat in the French men’s final phase this weekend after they finished the regular season dropping just four points from 18 games.

Indeed, they went unbeaten to top the table ahead of Lille by six points, closing out the title with a 10-0 win over Wattignies having secure top spot a week earlier when they best Lille 4-0.

The dominance saw them occupy three of the top four positions on the goalscoring charts with Louis Poupee (24 goals), Corentin Sellier (18) and Antonin Igau (14) all having prolific seasons.

They are now looking forward to a semi-final date with Saint Germain on Saturday afternoon while second placed Lille are up against Racing Club de France.

Both semi-finals will take place at Lille Métropole with the winners going through to Sunday’s final.

Montrouge have obtained a European ticket of some description as a result of their efforts. With France losing one EHL spot this year, though, only the winner of Sunday’s final will go to next season’s EHL KO16.

On the women’s side, Saint Germain were dominant, winning the regular season with seven points to spare. They already had the title assured going into the final game where they beat their nearest rivals, Cambrai, 2-1 via goals from Clemence Cadot and Maria Louise Rockall.

Saint Ger will play Lille in the final four while Cambrai are up against Racing with the final taking place on Sunday.